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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,213

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Would love to see some peaceful protests at FBI Offices

What if people around the nation, and especially in D.C., went to their local FBI Offices to do a peaceful protest.
Hold signs that say: " Comey tell the whole truth."

The Battle for the Senate

A reminder that Dems need to hold Nevada and flip four states to tie, 5 to take 51-49 Majority.
We currently lead in in only 3 out of 9 competitive states.
But, all of the 6 that we trail in are within the margin of error.

Here's the latest numbers from Real Clear Politics and where the Dem stands:

Illinois + 7.0
Wisconsin + 6.3
Indiana + 3.7
Missouri - 1.0
N.H. - 1.3
Penn - 1.3
Nevada - 1.4
N.C. - 3.2
Florida - 3.6

If you are wondering about Ohio and Iowa, they are both way out of reach now with the Repub up over 15 points in each state.

A question for political junkies.

As we all know, the tv networks wait until the polls close in each state before projecting a winner in those states.
My question is when has a Prez election winner been declared BEFORE polls close on the west coast.
In other words, who already had 270 electoral votes collected in the eastern, central and mountain time zones before 11pm eastern time/8pm pacific.

And, the second question is if and how could that happen this time?
Is Hillary leading in enuf places excluding California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii (and I think Nevada may also be Pacific time) for her to be declared the overall winner even without those states at 10:01 eastern time.

Today is Hillary Clintons birthday.

No mention so far on any media outlets.

Wikileaks "evidence" would not be allowed in a court of law.

Any illegally obtained evidence is considered poisoned fruit.
So, why is what Assuange is putting out there to influence our election allowed in the public domain.
Why doesn't our mainstream media have a policy that they will not use anything that came to them via nefarious means.
And, on top of that, 17 federal agencies have confirmed that a foreign government was the initial source.
I just don't understand why there is no media outcry that this material is off limits.

The latest media meme: "Obamacare failure may save Trump".

Omg....CNN and MSNBC are unwatchable today.
Obamacare rates going up 22% in 2017.
Can Trump successfully hang this around Hillarys neck?
They are all practically orgasmic.
For them, this is better than ten dumploads from Wikileaks.
They are saying this could be the thing to turn it all around for Trump.
I may vomit.

Bobby Bowden endorsed Trump yesterday.

Any FSU fans surprised by this?

Mainstream Media Won't Genuinely Discuss The Trump Voter.

There has been very little examination of them.
Just vague generalities like that they are angry at the status quo.
But, not much on why?
And, very little personality profiling.

Here's what is without question demographically:
They are more white
They are older
They are more male
They are less educated

But, some psych profiling would also find that they are more:
(You only occasionally hear a pundit skirt around this profile, but few will really touch it).

The only real exception to those things mentioned above:
The 100% Republican only voter who would never vote for any Democrat. (E.g.: abortion issue only voter, or the super rich don't ever raise my taxes voter).
These are the only Trump voters that I can have any sense of legitimate semi respect for.
At least they are honest about what is most important to them.
The rest are pure scum of the earth and embarrass me that they are Americans.

Larry King with a front row seat.

Not at the debate.
But, behind Home Plate in Los Angeles for the baseball playoff game of Dodgers against Cubs.
When ole Larry cares more about baseball than politics...it makes you wonder.

Potential Trump TV Show Names:

Misogyny Tonight
I'd Hit That
Rate your Congress Babe
Billy Bush's World
Taxes Smackches
Dissing the Disabled

(Please add your favorites).
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