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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,209

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Should Bernie go ALL IN on New York?

I think so.
Spend every dollar he has there.
Open offices everywhere.
Buy as much media as possible.
Speeches everywhere.
Popular surrogates everywhere.

Wisconsin will give a minor bump.
And, then New York will decide if the race goes to the convention or merely to June 7.

Could Trump give the HOUSE back to the Dems?


Actor Scott Baio (Chachi) endorses Trump.

Guess that clinches it for Trump.
Baio says Trump talks like he does. Chachi, what would Joanie think?


Hello Arizona.....any predictions

For your primary Tuesday?

Would love to see your percentages guesses for both parties.

Hillary _ %
Bernie _ %

Trump _ %
Cruz _ %
Kasich _ %

Thanks, in advance, Arizona.

GOP leader Rinsed Penis is babbling on CNN right now

About how wonderful a brokered,,,ur....contested,,, ur...wait call Frank Luntz for the right focus group tested word....open, yeah, open that sounds so......open.....a GOP love fest....like a Festivus for the Fascists...will be in Cleveland this summer...ah, just smell the racism, xenophobia, sexism, and homophobia....a cornucopia of nut jobs orgasmically stabbing each other in the back.

What Trump gets and what the media won't say.

America has been dumbed down.
There is a significant portion of the public that is blissfully ignorant.
They wear it as a badge of honor.
And, that's because the smart folks like Frank Luntz and Karl Rove told them so.
No way could Bush 43 win without these folks.
Just keep demonizing intellectuals. Call them nerds or pointy headed.
Call Universities places of Communism and atheism.
Let those without much education be proud of being the "real Americans".

And, the GOP was happy to have these people to vote for them.
And, the feeling was that that they could be controlled.
The business re pubs and neo cons would use them at no risk.

But, along comes Donald Trump.
A con man that knows a good con.
And, he decides to give power to this group.
Speak in very simple sentences.
Tell them they are being screwed and lied to by both pubs and Dems.
Yep, Donald took away all of the high brow condescension and gave the dumb and dumber a hero.
And, a Voice.

As,for the media, they will never say this.
They will only rage at Trumps tactics while enjoying his higher ratings.
But, they will never say that it's the blame of a dumbed down electorate.
They will never say that many Americans are just plain stupid.
And, they will certainly never say that they have been purposely been dumbed down by hate talk radio, Fox News and its emulators in their own business.

Chickens are now roosting in the cozy nest that Trump has given them.

The irony of Bernies non-"tribal" support.

Bernie has overwhelmingly lost the senior vote ....despite his advanced age.
Bernie has overwhelmingly lost the Jewish vote in Florida...despite being Jewish.
Bernie has overwhelmingly lost the Black vote...despite a lifetime of fighting for civil rights.

In these cases, Hillary was more "one of us", as they say, than Bernie was.

Wednesday morning quarterbacking.

If Jeff a Weaver had to do it over again, bet he would have done this differently.
Concentrate a lot more money and resources on Missouri and Illinois than the other three.
The media narrative and feeling in Bernies camp would be Soooo much different today if Bernie would have won those two states.

I didn't realize the SCOTUS has no Protestants.


Very interesting.
The Court is comprised of all Jews and Catholics.
Wonder if a Muslim, Buddhist, or openly Atheist will ever be confirmed.

To interest Bernies people, Hillary should stress SCOTUS

While still holding out a glimmer of hope for Bernie, it appears the die is cast.
Bernie will soldier on now as a message candidate. But, he won't be the nominee.
So, as Hillary pivots toward the general, how does she appeal to Bernies supporters?
Many see her as way too pro war and too pro Wall Street.
But, the one place where everyone agrees is how important the opening on Supreme Court is.
Hillary should start talking a whole lot more about that.
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