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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,221

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Love to see Georgia get this license plate


Thereís sure enuf of the plates that say ďChoose LifeĒ with two little faces on them.

Any exit polling being done in Virgina Gov race today?

Maybe by a tv station or Virginia newspaper?
Anyone know?

Can a Star Member Start this Poll?

When will the Mueller report be released?

1. Before Thanksgiving
2. Before Christmas
3. Before Valentines Day
4. Before July 4, 2018
5. Before midterms November 2018
6. Never - Trump will shut it down first somehow.


The calendar is fast approaching the one year anniversary of that awful Tuesday in 2016.
My idea is to make that day a happy day.
A day of challenge. For a Dem wave election on every level in 2018.
I would love to see a move here and on all progressive social media to challenge people to run for some office in November 2018.
Any office.
City Council, School Board, anything.
We need to start building and rebuilding our bench for all Federal, State, and local offices heading toward another census (gerrymandering) year in 2020
Who knows what great future progressive State Reps, Governors, U.S.Senators, or Presidents are out there.
So, #RunForSomething2018.

The false equivalency both sides do it meme drives me insane.

How many times have you heard a babbling talking head say that two situations are similar that you know are in no way similar.
Hillaryís email server and Trumps insanity are a good example. The meme was that both candidates were equally bad choices and both liars, etc. No, they werenít and arenít, of course.

Imagine this scenario, two candidates running for Mayor.
The Repub is a former corporate CEO multi millionaire that was convicted of embezzling hundreds of thousands and spent a year in prison.
The Dem is a former homeless Veteran that once stole some milk to feed her baby and she spent a month in jail for stealing.
Imagine this headline: ďBoth Mayoral candidate are convicted thievesĒ.
Itís actually factually true.
But, itís a major false equivalency. What they stole and why are very jdifferent and the details would certainly seem relevant to voters, right?


Have your feelings changed any on Trump voting friends/family?

I still canít and wonít talk politics with them.
I still donít understand.
I still canít forgive them.


Want results? Want real reaction that might matter? Show the dead mangled bodies.

Otherwise, it's just another THOUGHT AND PRAYERS, candlelight vigil event.
Show the real video.
Not just the sound of the gun shots.
Show the ACTUAL results of the gun shots.

That might at least wake up a few to what our lack of gun legislation yields.
Otherwise, it will be the same old rhetoric. Nothing new. No changes.
Just more death 💀, the next time .

Any social media info on shooter?

Hope he didn't hold progressive views.
Trump will have a field day, if so.
Some RW sites saying he's alt left.

Has William Weld spoken publically since November?

I remember that he stated he would much rather have Hillary than Trump right before November.
He even said that he had briefly thought about stepping down as VP on the Libertarian ticket and instead endorsing Hillary. But, he said that wouldn't be fair to Gary Johnson.
I wonder if he now regrets that.

I hate the term...Fake News....who started it?

I'm assuming it was Trump.
Probably during the primaries.
Anyway, that term has pervaded all of my spaces.
I hear it from all different types of people who think it's funny.
It's not funny.

It's a deliberate effort to denigrate legitimate media sources and reports and lump them in with illegitimate ones (e.g. Fox News).

I hope the stupid term goes away when Trump finally does.
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