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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,213

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Who in your life do you hope will apologize for voting for Trump?

Most of us have at least one family member, friend, or co-worker in our lives that really disappointed us when we learned they voted for Trump.
Mine is a niece.
Not racist. Not a bigot. Just someone who always wants lower taxes and always votes Repub.
Anyway, we donít discuss politics.
I learned from her Facebook page that she voted for Trump.
Iím hoping that the Mueller report will make her sorry she voted for him.

Would love to hear some stories from people on who they really want to hear an ďIím sorryĒ or ďI was wrongĒ for voting for Trump from.
Also, tell me if youíve already heard this from someone in your life.

What SPECIFICS will Mueller say about Trump.

Hereís my guesses:
Money Laundering
Obstruction of Justice
Violating Emoluments clause

I think that is it.
He will not use words such as treason, collusion, or conspiracy.

Will Mueller interview Pence?

He should, I think.

Trumper demands CNN be turned off at bar in Atlanta airport

Hereís the setup
Last night Iím in the Delta sky lounge bar in Atlanta
5 white males at bar
Three TVs on behind bartender.
One on CNN, one on ESPN, one on Fox News.

I ask bartender if the ESPN one could be turned to a different sports channe to watch a different basketball game.
The bartender asks everyone if thatís ok or if anyone is watching that game currently on.
Red headed white guy ariund 30 Says: ďjust take off CNN, I donít watch fake newsĒ.
I say, ďthat tv fine, I just want to see a different game on the middle tvĒ.
He says: ď just leave that game and put your game where CNN is so that I donít have to see that fake news in front of me.Ē

There was so much I wanted to say.
One would be...Ēhey, asswipe, do you realize you are in Atlanta, CNNís corporate headquarters ď.
But mainly I wanted to say....Ēitís not that you donít want to watch CNN, itís that you dont want anybody else to watch it either...is that what youíre saying....since we have three TVs in front of usĒ....ĒI hate Fox News, the real Fake News, but itís not my business if you want to watch itĒ.

But, I didnít say anything. Just had my drink and left.
How would you have handled it?

Understanding the White Female Trump voter.

Watching the womenís marches today has put me in a mood.
14 months later and I still canít believe Trump got 53% of the white female vote.

These groups are how I see them (and Iím a male so I could be very wrong):

The one issue anti abortioners.
The one issue super rich low taxers.
The subservient Stepfords that vote as husband or pastor commands.
The low educated, poorly informed that believe all Dems are evil.
Fox News viewers.
Does that comprise 53% of the white female population?

Why is Gayle King always the go to person on all things Oprah?

Both have always denied rumors that they are gay lovers.
I accept that.
But, I still find it odd that itís never a relative or Steadman that steps out to defend or comment on anything about her.
Itís always her best friend Gayle.

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