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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,221

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Contact everyone you know between 18-29.

Different polls and studies say different things.
Some say turnout among this group will be low as usual but others say it will be higher.
But all say that when this age group does vote, they will vote D.

So, please, please, please with sugar on top........ask everyone in your sphere of reference under the age of 30 if theyíve voted...if they have, thank them and ask them to urge their friends.
If they havenít voted, offer to take them and or follow up by Tuesday with them.

Young people will decide if we get our big blue wave 🌊 or just a blue trickle.

My challenge to you - find just ONE new voter.

We read and hear all the time about getting out the vote.
How we should all tell our friends and family to vote.
But, those are just vague statements.
I would like to ask and challenge everyone on DU to do something specific.

Between now and Election Day, please go thru all of your contact lists and spheres of influence.
Come up with just one person who votes in Presidential years but not in midterms.
Of course, make sure you know that this person will vote democratic.
Then make it your personal challenge to make sure this person votes early, absentee, by mail, or in person on Election Day.
Just ONE person.
We can all do that, I think. Itís not a huge ask.
And, just imagine if everyone who reads DU would do it.

Are you in?

The Trump era has changed so many personal relationships.

All of us have always had to (often delicately) manage the way we handle politics in our families, work, friendships.
Many have hard and fast rules just not to discuss politics and often religion.
But, the Trump era has changed that.
His Presidency is so different and so divisive that itís almost impossible to ignore especially with the advancement of social media.

I had always hoped that the people who disagreed with me on politics were still good people.
I saw the Republicans in my family and friendships as people that just wanted smaller government, lower taxes, etc.
But, I didnít really think of them as racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, etc.
But, I have unfortunately learned that I was wrong with many of them.
The Trump era and their votes and continued support of him and his enablers in and out of government have shown me some sides of these people that I either didnít know or maybe just chose to ignore.

This isnít earth shattering news.
Iím sure itís happened to everyone here.
You have either cut off relationships or cut back on your interactions with Trump supporters that previously served larger roles in your life.

So, do I only blame Trump.
Do I blame the people for not living up to what I had wanted them to be.
Or do I blame myself for not seeing them for what they are or for making excuses for them.
Itís truly heartbreaking what the Trump era has brought to so many lives.

Has Governor Deal been asked about Kemp overseeing his own election.

I realize that they are the same party.
I realize that Deal would have nothing to gain on his way out of office.
But, I wonder if any Georgia media has asked him what he thinks of the national embarrassment over the voter suppression that Kemp is leading.
If so, Governor Deal why donít you ask him to recuse himself for this race.
And it would be a request since I donít think Deal could order him to do so.

Fake both siderism & Fake false equivalency now rule our world.

Nothing can be addressed as it happens.
The gop has bought in lock, stock, and barrel to never apologize or take blame for ANYTHING.
They only divert to another topic or subject and then claim moral relativism.
Most mainstream media members still allow it or donít challenge it effectively.
Facts donít matter, folks.
We are in a post factual world.

Vote !!!!!! Itís all we have left.

Influencing your sphere of reference to make sure that they vote.

In these last two weeks, hereís how Iím trying to GOTV in my sphere of reference.
Just thought Iíd pass it along in case anyone is looking for easy ways to help.

Go thru all of your phone, text, email, and any other kind of contact lists.

Write down those names that you are reasonably sure would (if they voted) vote Democratic.

Then, go thru the list and think about each person and what you think are their major concerns, interests, or what motivates them. Write a note down by their name.

Then contact them and find out if they have already early voted.....if so, thank them and tell them you hope they are encouraging others to voteÖ.but, if they say ďno or not yetĒÖ..delve further to see if they are really going to vote or are wavering or somewhat apathetic. If this is the case, you then hit them with what would interest them most in voting for the DemsÖ.e.g Trump hatred, health care, climate change, higher paying jobs, protecting Social security, protecting abortion rights, etcÖÖ.if you get a buy in from them that that they are interested in something...then close the deal on persuading them how important voting is and even offer to take them to vote if they are in your area. Good luck. 👍🍀

Vote Blue! Bring on the blue 🌊.

Breathless CNN & MSNBC pundits over a House "horse race"

Both besides themselves this morning with different pundits saying Trump and GOP surging in polls with Republicans coming home. Saying that blue wave now not gonna happen and Dems may or may not win back the House and will lose seats in the Senate.

I had to turn tv off. It wasnít just a mention of a poll or two. It was a palpable glee and energy that Election night will somehow be exciting now.
Forget that the country has moved further into one party aristocratic rule. Thatís ok with them.

I hate everyone right now. Going to take long bath. Then will get back on the phones trying to GET out the early vote in my area.

Will there be any exit polling of the midterms?

* Putting aside for now the discussion of how accurate or inaccurate they might be *

Has anyone heard if there will be any national or statewide or local district race exit polling?

If so, hereís some questions I will be most interested in:
Total number of votes nationwide and how that compares to 2010 and 2014.
Percentage of whites vs non white voters.
Total number or percentage votes for Dems and GOP candidates.
What percentage of white women voted for Dems.

What would you be most interested in knowing demographically?

Joke of the week: Saudi job recruiters

Saudi consulate (on phone): yes, we got your resume and job application.
Candidate: oh, from my headhunter?
Saudi consulate: exactly,...haha...well put.... do you, by any chance, own your own bonesaw?

Study shows why Latinos don't plan to vote.


This sucks. We really need greater outreach to reach this demographic.
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