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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,213

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How many Evangelical Trump voters could accurately answer this question?

Which 2016 Presidential candidate has no religious convictions and which one is a lifelong Christian and member of the Methodist church?

Hey Mods, we are under 100 days, can we get a countdown clock ?

Russia comes down to either "willful colluder" or "useful idiot".

There is now way more than enough out there to show that there are really only two ways that things went with Trump himself and Russia.

A - (THE WILLFUL COLLUDER) He has had an ongoing relationship with Oligarchs and various Russians for years. He has always wanted to do business with them. He most probably has done so by accepting or borrowing or laundering money. His not so latent admiration for Putin (and all dictatorial types) has also fueled his fascination with Russia. Therefore, he was either courted as an asset and eventually a Presidential candidate by the Russians or when he decided to run, he did so knowing that he could count on them for their direct help in the GOP primaries and later the General. This is a proactive Trump who sought out and accepted Russian help.

B - (THE USEFUL IDIOT) In this option, itís the Russians who sought out Trump as an asset. They used his need for money and alienation from American banks to court him. They used his narcissism and possibly his sexual proclivities to blackmail him. He knew that he was getting their help in the election but he tried to keep some sort of deniability by keeping buffers like Flynn, Manafort, Stone, etc. in place, for the most part. However, he made some major errors like inviting Russians into the Oval Office and blatantly asking them publicly for help (the ďRussia if youíre listening 👂 statementĒ being the biggest mistake).

Both options are horrendous for our country. But, itís hard to see what else could have happened.
I donít know how you define them legally. Treasonous? Traitorous? Conspiracy? Accepting foreign money and help in an election?

Hopefully, Mueller has everything he needs to prove his case, one way or the other.
And, hopefully, he can do that soon.

Itís only our entire democratic republic thatís at stake.

Marketing idea for the DCCC.

With pro and college football season almost upon us, many people nationwide will start driving around with car flags showing the logos of their favorite team.

I have an idea for our party to do the same thing leading up to November.
What if we created a car flag that has a donkey riding a big blue wave 🌊.
One side of the car flag could have the donkey on the wave and the other would say VOTE DEM.
The National Dem party and state parties could sell them and/or give some to volunteers who canvass and phone bank.
Could also have Blue Wave bumper stickers.

Good idea?
If so, someone with contacts at the National party office please pass it along to someone there who could make it happen.
Go Dems! Ride the Blue Wave 🌊!!!

Just 15 weeks from today we will have many answers.

Only 15 more Tuesdays (105 days) until the Nov midterms.

Other than getting more Dem Govs, flipping the House and possibly the Senate, what will we learn.?

Iím hoping there is some kind of exit polling done State by state or as a national aggregate that shows these things:
Dem turnout
Gop turnout
Indy turnout
Age breakdown
Sex breakdown
Trumps influence (eg. Was your vote influenced by your pos or neg feelings toward Trump?)
For Trump voters only. (Will you vote for him again in 2020?)
For both Dems and Indies (Who do you want to run for Prez in 2020.).

Please add what questions you would like asked in any exit polls.

I would never be married to or date a Republican.

But, let me give some of you a hard truth.
If you live in most red states (especially Southern ones), most white straight males are Republicans.
So, for a white straight woman who will only date a white straight male, thereís a limited group of Democrats to choose from (especially in rural areas).
Some women who arenít real political or that lean Democratic lie to their husbands about politics or just donít talk about it to get along. That makes their lives more manageable, they have told me.

One woman's plan to keep her GOP husband from voting in midterms.

So, at a gathering of progressive Dems last night, the conversation got around to voter suppression.
But, instead of the usual weeping and gnashing of teeth over voter ID laws and Repub purges of voters roles, this idea was a table turner.
A Dem woman married to a GOP man said she has a plan that will (legally) mean her husband wonít be voting while she still will.

Sheís going to tell him that she has mapped out time in their busy schedules for them to go vote at a particular time together late in the day on Election Day.
However, She plans to vote in the early voting period a week before Election Day and just not mention that to her husband.
Then, on Election Day at the appointed time that they planned that morning to go vote together, she plans to manufacture a minor crisis at the house that he needs to come home for.
She will call her husband and say, ďI know we are supposed to go vote now, but weíre just not going to be able to. And, our votes would just cancel each otherís out anywayĒ.

I thought this was a great idea.
What if all Dems with GOP spouses, significant others, family members did this same thing?
A little sneaky, yes, but so what? What do you think? Would you do it?

I still can't get past the mocking of the disabled reporter.

As bad as so many other things are that heís done and said, this really revealed who he is as a disgusting human being. I could have NEVER voted for anyone who did this.
At the time, I was sure this would end his candidacy.

When do I get to say I told you so to all of the people that voted for him.

Why the September deadline for Mueller?

Iíve heard a lot of talking heads lately say (as if it were set in stone) that Mueller must issue his final report before September or hold off until after the midterms.
They say this like they know that Mueller thinks this way.
Where do they come up with that?

Dem Candidates and Strategists please read this.

If you or your candidate is running in November, Trump is giving you a HUGE GIFT right now.
Helsinki week is a gold mine for Democrats.
Veterans and older Americans grew up hating and living in fear of the USSR.
Even though itís now smaller and called Russia, Americans still see them as evil.

These people who love Trump are now confused. Itís cognitive dissonance.
We need to take advantage.
Stress patriotism on web sites, yard signs, banners, ads.
Have a veterans outreach person or people. Go to places where they congregate.
Without calling Trump an outright traitor (I know he is), talk about how confused we all are by Trumps behavior. Then, let them talk and express their concerns. Which, believe me, they have.
Be a soft shoulder.
Then let them know that you and your candidate will not accept cozying up to Putin and Russia.
Say that you will defend America against any efforts to do so no matter where it comes from.

These people, lifelong Repubs, May not vote for you.
But, they will think about it and they may just stay at home on Election Day.
And, thatís a win for us.
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