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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
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Schultz should be asked this one simple question?

Running as an Independent, please name the states that you think you can carry in the Electoral College?

Hint: The correct answer is NONE.

A suggestion for Kamala Harris campaign staff.

I would use her name pronunciation to form catchy bumper stickers.
All advertising seeks to be different to break thru the clutter.
Humor also helps.
Here’s a few that I came up with.

👁’m 4 ,la.

🐝 4 , la

, la 4 P

,la 4 Prez

People would look at these bumper stickers and sound them out.
That means their mind is actively engaged in saying her name and seeing the candidate in their minds eye. That’s what you want.

Can we start using the phrase "The Trumpano Crime Family".

When the dust settles, SCOTUS theft matters most.

As the Trump/GOP crime family story takes another turn, I thought I’d feel happier and more relief.
But, all I can feel is anger and profound sadness at their biggest ill gotten gains.
Two members and conservative control of the Supreme Court.
The theft of Hillary’s presidency and possibly some Senate seats (like in Wisconsin) in some ways really pale in comparison to what McConnell and the Repubs pulled off in the SCOTUS.

And, no matter what happens to Trump or his family or any others, the reshaping of the SCOTUS was and is their greatest prize. And, there is nothing we can do about it.
Traitorous bastards they all are.

U heard it here 1st: Biden/Harris vs. Kasich/Haley

My crystal ball says that Biden will run 🏃 and win Dem nom and pick Harris as Veep.
My crystal ball also says that Trump will be forced to resign after Mueller report.
The so called “moderate” wing of GOP will take charge and nominate Kasich w/Haley as Veep.

Trumps followers will be angry at the GOP for forcing him out.
Most of them sit out the 2020 race.
Biden/Harris win both electoral college and popular vote by large margins.
Dems keep the House and net 5 seats to take back the Senate.

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Pence's behavior will be interesting- does he distance himself

from Trump at all.
Or just remain quiet.
Or continue to defend and cheerlead for Trump.

Please start greeting all members of the GOP this way.

Wave a Russian 🇷🇺 flag.
Sing the Russian national anthem.

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