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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,213

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Have Mueller and SDNY already interviewed Allen Weisselberg?

He knows just about everything associated with the Trump crime family, Iíll bet.
At least as far as money is concerned.

For those following Cohen on Twitter/Facebook, hows it trending?

Donald Jr. - where's the indictment?

The last few months, there have been a lot of reports quoting Donald Junior saying that he expected to be indicted any day.
Now, we are hearing that Roger Stone is apparently the last indictment.

What happened?

How can we decide without the 4 B's?

Four big names still deciding.

I need to hear from all of them plus Eric Swalwell before I even think about picking someone.

Defining the Dem primary "lanes"

The political,punditry is really into this.
Every time someone else enters the race, the talk is about lane.
Are they very liberal, liberal, moderate, etc.

So, playing along.
Letís assume these unannounced Dems all get in.
Swalwell, Hickenlooper, Brown, Sanders, Biden.
(also assuming Beto and Bloomberg and Bennett donít run).

Add them to the announced Dems, are these the lanes?

Most liberal: Sanders, Warren

Liberal: Harris, Buttigieg, Swalwell, Brown, Klobuchar, Castro, Gillibrand

Moderate: Hickenlooper, Biden, Gabbard , Booker

I like ABC more than NBC, not much, pretty close.

He actually said this to two reporters.

Anyone watching Schultz on CNN? If so, please post some notes

I donít have the stomach to watch.

What's more important: where you live or who you live with.

Take this scenario: you get to pick anywhere in the world that you want to live (letís say Hawaiíi) But, your significant other is someone that you have no real love for.
You donít hate them. They donít abuse you. They just bore you.
If you leave or divorce your significant other, you can no longer afford to live there and must move.

Or: you get a significant other that is the absolute love of your life in every way. But, you have to live in a place that you do not like and there is no way your significant other will leave there.

For this scenario: Assume all other things are equal...such as monetary considerations, job status, family and friends.

You are just making a choice on love or location. A small variation on the ďfor love or moneyĒ question.
Which do you choose?

I become a 12 year old when I hear the name David Pecker

Every time they say Pecker on tv, I laugh.
It just sounds made up.
How can that be someoneís real name.
Anybody else feel this way.

Virginia - this too shall pass - and make you & us better.

The last few days, Iíve heard a lot on tv, Sirius radio, and on progressive sites about how horrible all of the Virginia stuff is for the Democratic Party in Virginia and nationally.
The common thinking from the punditry is that the GOP operatives that started all of this and have perpetuated it are winning.
They say we are pitting our coalition of blacks and women and others against each other.
They are saying that because of this current scandal that Virginia will be going back to being a red state.


Yes, itís been a rough few days and there will be a few more before it all shakes out.
But, itís also been a learning moment.
First, We must better vette our candidates.
Second, We must never wear blackface, never. And, if we have, we better find the proof BEFORE running for office.
We should never have sex with a co-worker on a campaign without her written consent or verbally letting several people know that it happened consensually. Cover your ass, men. But, alway treat women with respect or stay away from them if youíre not capable of doing so.
We have learned that (even among Democrats) we can see situations very differently depending on many factors such as our race, gender, life experiences.
Letís own up to that and examine that before making big decisions.
Get all of the facts out there and then let the people involved (not the screaming opposition party or tv and radio and website pundits) make those decisions.

I really donít know what should happen to the 3 Democratic officeholders in Virginia.
But, once a decision is made, I hope it makes the Virginia Democrats stronger and resolved to show the nation that they are good, strong, caring, moral, ethical, people.
Their state motto is ďVirginia is for loversĒ.
And, right now, the Democrats in that state are going thru a rough patch and could use a little love themselves.
This too shall pass.
Come thru it better and stronger than ever.
We other Democrats across the nation have got your back!
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