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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
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Looks like he's got a stress herpes outbreak on that lower lip.

In August, our roster needs to shrink.

I’m all for our 21 candidates getting a fair hearing in the first debates at the end of June 2019.
In fact, I think they should get a second hearing in the second debates at the end of July 2019.

But after that, if we have a bunch of candidates that are barely getting only 1% in the reputable polls, they should hang it up and withdraw.
Otherwise, they will just be in it for vanity reasons only.
After August, we should only hear from those with at least a reasonable chance to become factors in the race.
I know that many will want to hold on until Feb 2020, to be on the ballots in Iowa and New Hampshire. But, I hope they don’t.

My friends suggestion for Mayor Pete to freak out Republicans.

He said that Mayor Pete should make Republicans heads explodes by making his campaign theme song something from The Village People like “Macho Man” or “YMCA”.
All I could say after laughing was...omg 😱

A WILD idea concerning Biden and his VP choice.

As we know, Joes age is a concern for some (not all, but some).
He was born November 20, 1942.
So, if he served two full terms and left office on 1/20/2029, he would be 87.

So, to take that issue off of the table and away from the media and the “younger” Trump
(born June 13, 1946), what if Joe said this after he becomes the Dem nominee:

“Today I am releasing my medical records.
I recently visited my very reputable primary care physician for my annual physical and am happy to say that everything looks very good.
But, I do realize that if I served two full terms, I would be 87 when leaving office.
Hopefully, I’ll still be in great shape then, but it is something that should be addressed.
And to be honest, I don’t want to spend 8 more years in the White House.
But, I do want to spend 4 years there for the reasons I’ve been saying since announcing my candidacy.
As I’ve also stated, I think my experience and temperament are what is needed right now at this crucial juncture in our country’s history to return to a sense of sanity and normalcy.

So, I’ve thought about if I should announce a one term presidency right now or just wait until three years into the first term. There are pros and cons both ways.
But, the pros definitely outweigh the cons both personally and for the country.
So, today I am making the admittedly unusual but exciting announcement on who I want to be my vice presidential running mate for 2020 and the person that I would like to see become President in 2024.

(He then goes on to introduce the woman - and yes I think it needs to be a woman - who is currently between the ages of 40-60).

***now the timing - he should only do this once he has clinched the nomination or at the DNC Convention in Milwaukee - doing so any earlier would be ill advised.***

I know this is a radical idea.
But, we live in radical wacky times.
Ok, I will now duck and take cover from all of you ready to pounce on why this is 😜 crazy.

I wish CNN would change their Apples 🍎 commercial.

You’ve probably seen them.
Saying apples are not bananas.
Point being made that some people lie.
But, the ad doesn’t say who lies.
Trump? Faux News?
It’s way too vague and subtle for most conservatives to get the point.
CNN should call out who is actually turning apples 🍎 into bananas 🍌

The closing graphic says “FACTS FIRST”.
It should say something like:

What Dem candidates do you want together on stage at debate?

So, the first debates are two nights of three hours each in late June.
Let’s assume the field is set at 21 and all qualify.
They would probably be divided up by fives (plus one with 6) that get 90 minute segments.
Chairman Perez has said they will just draw straws to see who goes when.
But what if you were in charge and you could divide them up.

What groups of 5 (plus one of 6) would you set?
Here’s mine:

Group One (highest polling)
Bernie, Biden, Warren, Harris, Pete

Group Two (second highest polling)
Beto, Castro, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, Booker

Group Three (third highest polling)
Swalwell, Inslee, Ryan, Gabbard, Hickenlooper

Group Four
Delaney, Moulton, Messam, Yang, Williamson, Gravel

Save time - just ask the Obama/Trump voters to choose.

So, if it’s going to come down to these strange people that voted for Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016, do we just poll them and ask them who they would vote for as our nominee against Trump in November 2020.
Especially those people in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Just save everybody a lot of time and money.
Who do these oddball, wacko, low information, morons want.
The future of our country and maybe the planet is in your hands.

* this is only half sarcasm - about the halfwits who may decide our fate.

My advice to all of our candidates.

As a true undecided whose overriding issue is who can best and most easily defeat Trump and possibly have Senate coattails, I have some unsolicited advice.

Of course primaries are about pointing out differences.
And with that will, of course, come with some sharp elbows and negative ads and statements.
But please be mindful just how different this year is mentally & emotionally.
All Dems and many Indy’s and a few Repubs are scared to death of another Trump term.
When hearing any political talk, his overwhelming presence is still in our thoughts.

Therefore, I suggest this for all Dems in the primaries.
Before you say or put out any statement (like comparison or contrast ads) that might be viewed as negative or bashing, please remember the tone you use and I suggest one other thing.

I would start any criticism of a primary opponent by saying something like this:
“Before I talk about some differences between me and others running for the nomination, just know that he/she/they are infinitely better than our current President and I will work as hard as I can to elect our eventual nominee. That being said, here’s some differences between me and (fill in the blank)......”

I think primary deciders and fence sitters would appreciate hearing this.
It would Clear their heads of any Trump thinking and make them more willing to listen to what you are saying and accept it as just normal primary compare and contrast campaigning.

Just my .02 as someone who loves so many of our candidates and is also scared 💩 less of another four years of Trump.

So is the field now set at 20? No Bullock or Bennet?

If so, I’d much rather see four debates of five people than two debates of ten people.
Ten is just too many on one stage.

Can I put in a plug for the progressive Drinking Liberally?

They don’t raise money or ask for dues or contribution.
So, thought it was ok to post here.
In fact, I heard about them here about a year ago.

For those looking to share a cup of coffee or adult beverage or meal with like minded progressives, it’s a really fun thing to do.
Most meet on the same day each month, like the first Thursday or something, at an area bar or restaurant.
I’ve really enjoyed hearing what others think about state and national politics.

If interested, here’s a link to find a group in your area.

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