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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,222

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Has Barr/Mueller put Pelosi and Dems in a no win situation?

Start Impeachment proceedings:
Right wing media and some mainstream media will claim overreach.
They will state nothing new will come from other interviews and will waste taxpayers money.
Trump and Repubs will raise a ton of money running against the “Impeachment party Dems”.

Don’t start Impeachment proceedings:
What is called or perceived as “left wing” media and some mainstream media will claim Dem cowardice and impotence.
They will state that impeachment proceedings would force many to testify and keep story alive.
Many Dems will feel let down and not want to contribute money or time in 2020.

Especially if she had a dysfunctional home life to share.

Guess how many candidates drop out before Iowa.

I think 14 of the 24 will drop out before a single vote is cast.

The ten that will remain in February are:

Dropping out:

Mueller needs to man up and make a statement.

Something like this:
“Despite what you may have seen, heard, or read to the contrary, I believe that my investigation showed that the President attempted to obstruct justice. Everyone should read those findings in Volume 2, pages ___ to ____ of the report.”.

Without googling, can you name all 24 Dem candidates?

The link below is to a Rolling Stone article, if you want to cheat.
But, it includes Stacey Abrams who has not announced in its list of 24.
And Like most media outlets, they dont count one other person who officially filed in April.
* hint - some say this person “rocks”.


Elizabeth Warren looks so much younger than she is.

So, last night I’m sitting around with a bunch of other progressives and we are all talking about the pros and cons of the candidates.
It eventually came around to age and someone said they were ruling out Bernie and Biden because they are both 76 and that nobody in their 70’s should be running.
Someone then said so I guess you’ve ruled out Warren. He said no she’s not that old.
Most of us thought she is late 50’s or early 60’s.
So, we take a few bets and ask the google machine.
And, wow, she will be 70 on June 22.

This doesn’t really mean that much to me because I’m getting pretty old myself.
And age, like many other factors, is relative and subjective.
But, I will say that I hope I have half of the energy of all 3 of them at their age.
And, hopefully this isn’t sexist, but I think Elizabeth looks fantastic.
I really can’t believe she is 69.

Heads up, Beto fans. He will be live on Hardball tonight.

Should be interesting to see him interviewed by Tweety.

Explain this abortion position to me.

In all of these new “heartbeat” bills, they only state a punishment for the Doctor.
In Alabama’s case, 99 years for the Doctor but nothing for the mother.

How can this be true if they consider any abortion murder?

If a husband hires a hit man to kill his wife, both the hit man and the husband are charged with murder. Using the anti choice logic, a woman hiring a doctor to kill a fetus should be the same scenario.
But, they know that punishing the mother is not popular with the general public.
So, they just ignore this non equivalency.
Hypocrisy as usual from this crowd.

Just watched Montana Governor Bullock on Morning Joe

First time I’ve seen him.
Very impressed.

Imagine a Cabinet made up of our current nominees.

There is so much talent.
There is so much expertise in specific policy areas.
I hope that no matter who are nominee is that they will look at all of these people as potential Cabinet members.

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