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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,221

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Women please save us from the WOME's.

A wome is a

These horribly sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic hypocrites and their corporate overlords have controlled our political process for far too long.
I believe that only women can save us from them.
Women must choose our leaders wisely by supporting and running for office everywhere.
As a male, I just have decided that I can not trust a WOME to ever do the right thing.

Now, there are a lot of good men that are not WOMEís, of course. And like Iím doing here, those men must call out the WOMEís every time they pull any of their shit.
Hereís to a WOME free world one day.

Maybe we could just have a "Joes gaffes" forum.

They seem to REALLY bother a lot of people on here.
Iím not one of those people even though I donít want him as our nominee.
I want a woman.
But I still love Joe and think his heart is good.

Anyway, instead of having so many (almost daily) posts discussing what the MSM is talking about with Joe getting this detail wrong or that detail wrong, just have a forum dedicated to it.
You know there will be a lot more.
Joe himself has said he is a gaffe machine.
Heís a storyteller that doesnít care about exact details, itís about the moral of the story.
I can relate because I tell stories the same way.
I love Joes heart. I love his resilience from so much tragedy.
I love how he always had Obamaís back.

I wish he was a little sharper mentally. But heís 76.
This isnít going to get better.
If you think itís disqualifying for him to get the nomination, thatís fair.
But, I donít. He would be a rambling President but an honest one. Thatís more important to me.

Anyway, what about a forum just dedicated to this subject.

Frank Luntz & Donald Trump work on Dem nicknames.

FL: Mr. President as your chief pollster and strategist, I think itís really important that we saddle the leading Democrat candidates with negative nicknames as soon as we can to put them into the minds of voters.
So, Iím gonna say a name and you shout out the first thing that comes to mind.

FL: Joe Biden
DT: older than shit sleepy dumb ass.

FL: Bernie Sanders
DT: nearly dead old fool socialist communist

FL: Elizabeth Warren
DT: nasty fake Pocahontas four eyes

FL: Kamala Harris
DT: nasty stupid name fake black lady.

FL: Pete Buttigieg
DT: cocksu..... FL: whoa, donít finish that...come up with something else.
DT: buttfu.... FL: umm, obviously weíd have to work on that one.

FL:Ok, Mr. President. Iím gonna run these thru some focus groups.
In the meantime, I want you to watch some of the Democrat debates to keep working on names.
DT: can I also work on stupid Schumer and nasty Nancy ones too.
FL: sure, knock yourself out.

Warren should call out Trump on party affiliation & loyalty.

She could fend off any accusations that sheís a Socialist and also let some of his uninformed base know that he is just a convenience Republican.

Warren: ďI think itís funny when Trump refers to me as a socialist. Itís especially funny when I was A Republican for a big part of my life and Trump was a Democrat for most of his until he found it politically expedient to change. Iíd love to hear him give his reasons. Anyway, I can give you the reasons that I changed and why Iím now a proud Democrat, etc, etc.Ē

Will any big names get indicted over Epstein?

I think his death insured their safety from prosecution.

Only 2 more days to qualify for September debate.

Right now, we only have 10, which if it stands, would mean only one night instead of two.


? For Harris Supporters

If she doesnít win, who do you think that she would want to be the Dem nominee?

What could cable networks be without punditry?

We are all used to their formula now.
Each new hour of ďnewsĒ starts with a ďbreaking newsĒ banner of a story that usually isnít really new or breaking. The on set anchor talks about the story and sometimes throws to an on site live reporter. Then, itís back to the studio to ďdiscussĒ and explain? what weíve just seen.
Thereís the panel of ďexpertsĒ thatís usually comprised of washed up former politicians and political strategists. Generally, it leads to no new knowledge or insights. It often gives us bothsidisms or whataboutisms and thatís about it.

So, that got me to thinking 🤔
What if there was a new cable network that decided to do this.
Drop the punditry.
Only cover stories.
Hire more field reporters.
Hire more investigative reporters.
Go in depth into more topics.
Explain unintended consequences of different political decisions or policies.
Look at how problems in the U.S. have been handled successfully elsewhere.
Interview only primary subjects. Not surrogates.

Could such a network work now that infotainment has taken over our media.
Are there enough viewers out there that only want information and not entertainment? I sure do.
Some will say that that PBS and Aljazeera have come close to what Iím talking about.
But Iím thinking more along the lines of what CNN was when Ted Turner started it.

Maine & NCarolina will decide our country's future.

Yes, we need a Democrat in the White House starting January 2021.
But we also need at least 50 seats in the Senate to have a Dem majorityleader.
Just imagine the GOP keeps the Senate and Moscow Mitch negates everything our new President tries to do.

So, to take the Senate, we must flip a minimum of 4 seats.
This assumes we will lose Alabama because it doesnít look like Roy Moore will win the gop primary again. They will have a non pedophile candidate apparently. Darn it.

So,where do we get those four.
Ranking from most likely to least likely, we have 7 potential targets.

We lead in polling in Col And Ariz.
The bottom three would be tough unless there is a local person on the Prez ticket.

That leaves Maineís Iím very concerned Collins, and NCarolinas what you talkin bout Tillis.
Those seats are very vulnerable and they will probably decide the Senate.

Now, for those saying we need 60 seats in the Senate to accomplish anything.
Thatís not true especially if we blow up the filibuster and end the 60 vote structure.

Who will be the Not Biden candidate in March?

I think that after the first four primaries that it will be very clear what the race looks like.
I think by then (unless Bidenmakes some really egregious errors) that we will have narrowed it down to a two person race.
Biden vs somebody else.
Odds are that person will be Sanders, Warren, or Harris.
Now, hereís the rub.
Will the other two drop out before SuperTuesday in March?
If not, that really helps Biden.

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