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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,222

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Just saw the Warrens joint interview on CNN.

First time Iíd seen Bruce speak.
Heís very bright.
Heís very supportive of her.
Not as quick on his feet with answers as her, Not surprisingly.
And he has HUGE bushy eyebrows that need a trim.
They seem very much in love.

Someone please tell me what the New York Attorney General is doing.

Not a peep out of her.
Has she been shut down like the Southern District was by Barr?
I thought she was autonomous as a State employee and not a Federal one.
If she waits much longer to indict anyone on state charges, Thanksgiving will be here and nobody will really care what New York does.

Who else wants this M 🍑 bumper sticker.


11 Dems in House still against impeachment.


Anybody else worried that Kasich may be the GOP nominee.

Hear me out before you poo poo 💩 the idea.

What if the big money/power/Murdochís/etc. decide that Trump canít win in November 2020.
What if they decide to have the needed 20 GOP Senators vote for impeachment.
What if they get it done in time for someone like Kasich to get on enuf GOP primary ballots to get their nomination.

We know that Americans have very short memories and many might not blame the GOP for Trump.
The Never Trumper Republicans would all flock back to their party.
Someone like Kasich (who the media will hail as a pragmatic moderate uniter midwesterner from the bellwether state of Ohio) could make the race suddenly competitive.

Thatís why I donít want the House to wrap this up by Thanksgiving.
Letís stretch it out until early 2020, after the primaries have already started.

So what is Tom Steyer going to talk about now.

You know he was all excited to be the voice of impeachment at the next debate.

When will resignation/impeachment marches begin?

If there was ever a time or a reason for Americans to march on Washington and their state capitals, the time is now.
Why wonít we do this?

Tom Perez has an interesting decision to make.

Will the DNC go with one night or two in the October debate(s)?
Also, if they do go with two nights, will they continue to draw names for the nights, or go to what the GOP did in 2016 and put the higher polling candidates on the first night and others on night two.


It's really past bad with my family & friends Trumpers.

Like I bet many of you have had to do over the past 3 years, Iíve had to ask myself some really hard questions lately.
When is enuf enuf?
If these (supposedly) good people in my life continue to support this man who is destroying our country, how do I remain in the SAME type of relationship with them.
Iíve already canceled any social media to avoid their vile.
Iíve dropped those relationships that were just casual.
And, now, Iím thinking about dropping some REALLY important relationships.
With most, (as Iím sure youíve probably done) we have always just agreed to disagree and just never discuss politics.
But more and more it seemed to seep into everyday life with snide remarks with them or their friends, neighbors, and acquaintances about how great Trump is in ďowning the libsĒ.
I am not a confrontational person.
I often go along to get along.
But, if I hear one more Trumper say.... ďwho cares about the stupid shit he says, my 401K looks greatĒ.
First, why does he get credit for that?
Second, why does Obama/Biden get no credit for saving us from a likely depression?
Third, no matter how good the stock market is doing right now, what goes up usually comes down.
Fourth, is having another car 🚘 or a boat 🚣‍♀️ really worth the damage that this evil corrupt person is doing to our country and to our planet?
Fifth, have these people been so outFauxed and Rush Limbotomized that they really believe the country would be better off with four more years of him than a ďradical, tree hugging, baby killing, bed wetting liberalĒ? (That was rhetorical- of course they do).

The really heart ❤️ crushing part is that these are people that I love and that love me.
How do I keep them in my life and still keep my self respect and semi sanity?

This is what I hate most about Trump. He has impacted my actual life so negatively.
Or, make that, I have ALLOWED him to do so.
Any suggestions from those that understand where Iím coming from?

When does Hillary scream: I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!!

Damn deplorables.
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