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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,222

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Georgia Senate races will define Biden's presidency

They are THAT important.
Either Biden has a chance to reverse a lot of Trumpiness or McCONNELL will run the country.

So which date is it appropriate to ask THE question?

First date? Second? Third?

When do you ask, so who did you vote for President?

And if they say Trump, what is your response?

Just 2 weeks until Georgia saves our democracy.

Should the DNC now hire Steve Schmidt?

Now that heís a Democrat, can we use his help?
Heís smart and very well spoken.
Knows where GOP bodies are buried and how they think.
Maybe he could run focus groups and help with messaging.

Who do you HOPE is picked for Attorney General?

My top choices (that Trump would most hate seeing).

Michael Cohen
Sally Yates
Letitia James
Elizabeth Warren

For All of Us Old Timer Dems. Sing along.

The first official theme song of our beloved Democratic Party.
Just seems appropriate to hear it today.

Question for all of my former Georgia Homies.

I live elsewhere now, but once lived in Atlanta for about 15 years.
Loved everything there but the traffic and the GOP hold on statewide offices.
Was, of course, thrilled with Bidenís win there.

I know that runoffs always favor the GOP with stronger GOTV traditionally.
But with the Trump effect hopefully depressing the GOP, can the Dems prevail?

What are you guys in Georgia hearing and feeling on the race?
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