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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,221

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A ? You know that Trump has privately asked about deaths.

Dr. Birx just said that the demographics of deaths in US are closely following Italy.
So mostly the elderly.
You just know that Trump has asked if they can find out the voter registration by party of the dead.

You would think that more elderly deaths would be Trump voters.
However, as we here all know, Biden did best among older people in the primaries.
So who knows if there is a ďdisadvantageĒ coming out of this for either candidate.
Hopefully, not enuf deaths to matter because they will be lower than some of these projections.
But I donít trust this governmentís projections or words on anything.

Any recommendations of streaming series - please give me some.

Please give the name of the series, streaming service, and brief plot summary.

Trump just referred to a black reporter as "you people".

It was Yamiche Alcindor who kept her cool.
He had just berated a black male reporter from Bloomberg.
This should go viral in the black community, I hope.

Changes to DNC Convention in July in Milwaukee.

Currently scheduled for July 13-16.
Iím sure that the DNC is making contingencies due to the Coronavirus.

I would hope that they are considering:
An alternate smaller venue. Maybe only have 1-2 representatives of each state but (with spacing) they could still have the 50 state roll call.
No live band. Recorded music only.
Showing lots of videos about our nominees competence and Trumps incompetence.
Showing testimonials from former Republicans and Anti Trumpers.
Moving Convention back to the week before or the week after the currently scheduled Aug.24-27 GOP Convention in Charlotte.

Who is the 12 year old looking "reporter" at press conference?

Who does he represent?

Will there be exit polls from today's 3 primaries?

There has been no coverage so far today of any of the voting.
I was expecting some coverage on turnout which I think will be low in Fla, Ill, Ariz.
Coronavirus coverage only on CNN and MSNBC.
On a normal voting day, the exit polls come out around 5pm eastern time.

Has the Chicken Ranch in Vegas closed because of Coronavirus?

Asking for a horny friend.

Time for the Never Trumpers to do as they promised.

Weíve All heard of these conservatives that kept saying if the Democrats nominated a ďmoderateĒ that they would vote for that Dem.
Well....looks like you are getting what you wanted.
So you sure as hell better come thru and vote for Biden.

Far from my first choice, Joe now must be my Great American Hero.

Itís obvious that he will be our nominee.
He is not nearly as liberal as me.
I would have preferred someone younger and a better public speaker.

But, too bad. He will be my guy now.
I vow to accentuate his positives like his empathy, compassion, and warmth.
He simply must beat Trump.
There can be no voting for third party candidates.
There can be no staying home.
Biden MUST beat Trump.
The world will be watching and hoping and praying along with us.

Donít let us down Joe.
Our future is in your hands.
You must become our Greatest American 🦸‍♂️ Hero!

Could states go to vote by mail for November election?

Iím not sure about any legal hurdles or time constraints, but with the Coronavirus meaning people may more and more shy away from public gatherings, maybe vote by mail makes sense.

Will be interesting to see if any states that donít currently vote by mail will try to go that route for the November general election.

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