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Court Rules It Was Reasonable For Cop To Shoot Dog For Barking

Source: Huffington Post

"A federal appeals court has sided with police officers who fatally shot two dogs during a drug raid, even though officers testified that one of the dogs was merely barking and “just standing there.”

Mark and Cheryl Brown of Battle Creek, Michigan, first brought a lawsuit against the City of Battle Creek, the city’s police department and three officers in 2015, the Battle Creek Enquirer reports. A drug raid gone awry had resulted in their two dogs being killed two years prior.


Klein said the first dog continued barking aggressively and “lunged” at him when he went inside, although he specified the “lunge” only involved the dog moving “a few inches.” At that point, he shot and wounded the dog. Both dogs then retreated into the basement. The officers then entered the basement in order to “sweep” the place for drugs and possible other suspects. When the wounded dog at the bottom of the stairs began barking again, Klein shot and killed her.

At this point, the second dog was standing in the middle of the basement. Klein testified that she started barking while standing still and facing away from the officers. He fired two shots at her, and she ran to the basement’s back corner. Officer Damon Young said he shot the dog when she started “moving” away from the corner and toward him. The dog ran behind a furnace, at which point Officer Jeffrey Case fatally shot her. He said didn’t want to see her continue to suffer and that there was “blood coming out of numerous holes” in her body."

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/court-rules-it-was-reasonable-for-cop-to-shoot-dog-for-barking_us_585c4bc9e4b0eb586485d619

This is insane. I have two big Great Pyrenees, and their job is to bark and let me know someone is around. These two dogs in Michigan were executed because strangers burst in their front door with a battering ram, and got barked at.


Has anyone tried growing their own stevia for sweetening?

Dog Allergies

Our two dogs, a Great Pyrenees and a Mini Dachshund, both have some kind of environmental allergy going on. The itching/scratching/chewing is driving us all crazy--especially them. The vet checked them over, no fleas (they're on preventatives). I cook for them....usually grilled or boiled chicken, and veges. Sometimes livers or gizzards, and throw a little oatmeal in, but no corn or wheat.

Since its both dogs, I can't imagine what it would be. The vet said give them benedryl. They've been on it for 2 weeks, and maybe a little temporary improvement. Going to try medicated shampoo. Allergy testing would be exorbitant, and we'd have to drive 80 miles to Louisville to get it done.

Who else has dealt with this, and what did you do that worked?

How's about a little break from politics?

And fun!

Where does your screen name come from? I'll start. "Bayard" is French for bay horse. My guy.

What would you do?

We already had several fixed cats when we bought our little farm two years ago. The problem started when three strays showed up, and had litters when they were still just babies themselves. We ended up spaying/neutering 16 cats in the past several months. I said, that's it---NO more cats!!

So, wouldn't you know it, this little calico showed up, incredibly hungry. She was obviously dumped, very friendly and affectionate. Of course I fed her. And she had kittens in my barn. Three. As cute as they are, I'm saying......oh crap. Four more surgeries. I'm not about to take them to the pound. The closest shelters don't even accept new kittens anymore. I'm always afraid to just give them away. I almost took the last couple batches to the local pet store for adoption, then chickened out. Too much under the table dog fighting around here.....couldn't stand for any to be used for training them.

We go thru a 40 pound bag of dry catfood a week. Only 4 cats in the house, the rest are barn cats. We also have a couple of big insulated cat houses on the covered front porch. (they prefer sleeping on top of them). All have names, get personal attention (lucky my husband is also a cat person), and are obnoxiously friendly. I'm lucky I can give my own vaccinations. They are excellent at catching vermin, but to my sorrow, they also get the occasional bird.

So, what do you do?

Ebay Seeds?

Has anyone ordered flower seeds off eBay? I am SO disappointed, as I spent a goodly chunk of money getting enough to plant my new flower garden. Many different varieties, guaranteed to be fresh, all US sellers. They are not coming up, even easy ones like my two favorites, purple cone flowers and black-eyed susans. They were planted over a month ago now.

All the tubers I planted are coming up fine. The seeds I bought from Baker Seed are coming up. I don't get it. I can't believe all of these sellers are rip offs.



Got my big new vege garden in, and everything is starting to come up. Unfortunately, it seems to be a major deer thoroughfare. They jump the board fence, run thru, and jump the fence on the other sides leaving. I can't imagine what they'll do once everything is really growing, and lines are up for running peas and beans on.

What has worked for you? I can't leave the dog out all night.


How do I post photos?

Ok to plant?

I've been working like crazy on my big flower lasagne beds. I know I started them very late this winter, instead of last fall, but still hoping to plant seeds end of month or so when the temps at night get above freezing.

But, its not having much time to cook. My whole front yard has been torn up and just about ready to plant. How successful do you think that will be? Have all my seeds ready to go, and the hollyhocks I've already transplanted are going to town. The layers have been cardboard, horse manure, thick layer of leaves, more manure, and dead stuff raked up from the pasture. Have plenty of free wood mulch to finish once going. One thing I'm thin on is good black dirt. Mostly red clay here.

My big vege field was plowed up last week, and my wonderful hubby bought a tiller to break up further. I just have to finish tilling, rake up some weeds, and its ready to go.

Eastern monarch butterflies may be doomed


Restoring native habitat could reverse the monarch butterfly's downward population trend, scientists say.

Without help, Eastern monarch butterflies will go extinct in the coming decades, according to a newly published study. U.S. Geological Survey and Scripps Institute of Oceanography scientists calculate a substantial chance - between 11 percent and 57 percent - of what they called "quasi-extinction" by 2036. That means a population so small that recovery becomes impossible.

I'm planting two different types of milkweed in the garden this year.
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