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Got my big new vege garden in, and everything is starting to come up. Unfortunately, it seems to be a major deer thoroughfare. They jump the board fence, run thru, and jump the fence on the other sides leaving. I can't imagine what they'll do once everything is really growing, and lines are up for running peas and beans on.

What has worked for you? I can't leave the dog out all night.


How do I post photos?

Ok to plant?

I've been working like crazy on my big flower lasagne beds. I know I started them very late this winter, instead of last fall, but still hoping to plant seeds end of month or so when the temps at night get above freezing.

But, its not having much time to cook. My whole front yard has been torn up and just about ready to plant. How successful do you think that will be? Have all my seeds ready to go, and the hollyhocks I've already transplanted are going to town. The layers have been cardboard, horse manure, thick layer of leaves, more manure, and dead stuff raked up from the pasture. Have plenty of free wood mulch to finish once going. One thing I'm thin on is good black dirt. Mostly red clay here.

My big vege field was plowed up last week, and my wonderful hubby bought a tiller to break up further. I just have to finish tilling, rake up some weeds, and its ready to go.
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