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What would you do?

We already had several fixed cats when we bought our little farm two years ago. The problem started when three strays showed up, and had litters when they were still just babies themselves. We ended up spaying/neutering 16 cats in the past several months. I said, that's it---NO more cats!!

So, wouldn't you know it, this little calico showed up, incredibly hungry. She was obviously dumped, very friendly and affectionate. Of course I fed her. And she had kittens in my barn. Three. As cute as they are, I'm saying......oh crap. Four more surgeries. I'm not about to take them to the pound. The closest shelters don't even accept new kittens anymore. I'm always afraid to just give them away. I almost took the last couple batches to the local pet store for adoption, then chickened out. Too much under the table dog fighting around here.....couldn't stand for any to be used for training them.

We go thru a 40 pound bag of dry catfood a week. Only 4 cats in the house, the rest are barn cats. We also have a couple of big insulated cat houses on the covered front porch. (they prefer sleeping on top of them). All have names, get personal attention (lucky my husband is also a cat person), and are obnoxiously friendly. I'm lucky I can give my own vaccinations. They are excellent at catching vermin, but to my sorrow, they also get the occasional bird.

So, what do you do?

Ebay Seeds?

Has anyone ordered flower seeds off eBay? I am SO disappointed, as I spent a goodly chunk of money getting enough to plant my new flower garden. Many different varieties, guaranteed to be fresh, all US sellers. They are not coming up, even easy ones like my two favorites, purple cone flowers and black-eyed susans. They were planted over a month ago now.

All the tubers I planted are coming up fine. The seeds I bought from Baker Seed are coming up. I don't get it. I can't believe all of these sellers are rip offs.

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