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SO....who's going to play Trump in the made-for-TV movie?

And Alec Baldwin doesn't count!

I thought of that tiger in the Cheetos commercial, but its way too cool.

And what would the movie title be?

So, so sad

We have lost two of our little pygmy goats, and the miniature donkey in the past month. Just sick about it. Did bring home a Nigerian Dwarf nanny today because the one remaining pygmy was crying all the time.

Memories of Barack Obama

The farewell speech teared me up tonight like the night he won his first term. He ambled onto the stage, and eloquently spoke in a way we are not likely to hear again for quite awhile. Natural, intelligent, and graceful. Then he and Michelle waded out into the crowd to chat, shake hands, hug, kiss, and let the citizens take selfies. A very class act, and very real.

One of my favorite pics, from his first campaign. What are your memories and photo's?

Where is Sasha?

Where was Sasha Obama this evening? She wasn't at the speech. Can't imagine she couldn't get a few days off from school.

Court Rules It Was Reasonable For Cop To Shoot Dog For Barking

Source: Huffington Post

"A federal appeals court has sided with police officers who fatally shot two dogs during a drug raid, even though officers testified that one of the dogs was merely barking and “just standing there.”

Mark and Cheryl Brown of Battle Creek, Michigan, first brought a lawsuit against the City of Battle Creek, the city’s police department and three officers in 2015, the Battle Creek Enquirer reports. A drug raid gone awry had resulted in their two dogs being killed two years prior.


Klein said the first dog continued barking aggressively and “lunged” at him when he went inside, although he specified the “lunge” only involved the dog moving “a few inches.” At that point, he shot and wounded the dog. Both dogs then retreated into the basement. The officers then entered the basement in order to “sweep” the place for drugs and possible other suspects. When the wounded dog at the bottom of the stairs began barking again, Klein shot and killed her.

At this point, the second dog was standing in the middle of the basement. Klein testified that she started barking while standing still and facing away from the officers. He fired two shots at her, and she ran to the basement’s back corner. Officer Damon Young said he shot the dog when she started “moving” away from the corner and toward him. The dog ran behind a furnace, at which point Officer Jeffrey Case fatally shot her. He said didn’t want to see her continue to suffer and that there was “blood coming out of numerous holes” in her body."

more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/court-rules-it-was-reasonable-for-cop-to-shoot-dog-for-barking_us_585c4bc9e4b0eb586485d619


The story is about the appeal ruling, which happened last week.

This is insane. I have two big Great Pyrenees, and their job is to bark and let me know someone is around. These two dogs in Michigan were executed because strangers burst in their front door with a battering ram, and got barked at.
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