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4 Animals Who Mourn Their Dead


"When a member of their herd dies, elephants often guard the bodies. They become agitated and appear to investigate the dead animal, even touching the bones — the skull and tusks — with their trunks and feet in a ceremonial way,"

I find this really fascinating, especially the video on elephants. Also notice in that clip how the bigger animals are helping the baby up the river bank.


Because there can never be enough Monty Python....

What's your favorite xmas ornament?

What's on your tree this year, and what's your favorite? Pictures would be great!

My serious stuff, the personal and treasured ornaments, are still in storage. But I've made do. I'm all about rustic, living in a log cabin. So my tree is always simple and nature related. I use small branches full of pine cones from our own trees, real walnuts and almonds glued on sisal string, lots of birds, animals, little wood birdhouses and sleds, some fake fruit, and little grapevine wreathes. The only sparkle is some copper snowflakes. Topper is a rusted copper star and a big burlap bow. Luckily, we have vaulted ceilings so we can have a 7' tree.

Here's two of my current faves--a fabric horse, and a bird's nest with eggs (also fake, but nifty). And yes, its a real spruce tree. When I take it down, it will go to the pond for bird and small animal/fish habitat. I tried a few years to go with a tree that I could plant afterward, and they just didn't do well with our wood stove.


Alabama Forced To Release Thousands Of Sex Offenders After Inmates Deny Charges

MONTGOMERY, AL—Saying that the state had no choice but to take them at their word, Alabama officials on Tuesday announced that thousands of sex offenders would be released after the inmates firmly denied the charges. “If they said they didn’t do it, then what choice do we have but to let them go?” said Alabama Department of Corrections administrator Clay Buxton, adding that penitentiaries statewide would be interviewing prisoners and releasing them immediately upon receiving their sworn declaration of innocence. “We sometimes ask these individuals not just once but multiple times if they’re guilty of sex crimes, and when they say no, often very emphatically, our hands are pretty much tied.” Buxton emphasized, however, that any inmates who admitted that they did commit a sex crime will remain behind bars and continue to carry out their sentences as originally handed down.

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