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Anyone have experience with Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System?

Just ordered one online from Best Buy. Guess I should have asked this question first! Seems to be highly rated.


Mystery of the missing police station donation toys has been solved

(CNN)A Massachusetts police department has a thief in its midst.

Officers with the Franklin Police department had worked diligently to collect toys for needy children this holiday season, but noticed that some of those toys were disappearing, according to CNN affiliate WFXT.
Fortunately, the culprit was caught in the act and on camera. It was their own therapy dog, Ben Franklin.
"When Ben saw the toys, he thought they all belonged to him," Deputy Chief James Mill told the station.

Among the stolen items was a baby doll.
Ben tried to outrun officers when they caught him carrying a baby doll in its carrier by the handle. But he ended up just leading them back to the stash of goodies by his bed under a desk.
Police were unable to recover the toys from Ben, due to an excess of slobber. Officers have instead replaced the stolen toys, the station reported.
He will likely not face charges, the station said, but he has been banned from the toy room.
Lucky for Ben, he has friends on the inside.
"He has the run of the station, and it's amazing he's like one of those friends who always shows up at a party that everybody loves," Mill told the station. "So even if you're having a terrible day, if Ben walks in, seriously it's like a ray of sunshine."


Darn cute video at site.

Hugs for everyone!

I think the baby alpaca feels left out....

Holocaust survivor receives death threats so thousands of Italians escort her through the streets


Liliana Segre is an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor and Italian senator-for-life who has been under police protection because of anti-Semitic threats to her life. On Tuesday, Segre was escorted through the streets of Milan, along with hundreds of Italian mayors and thousands of supporters, in a march of support. Behind her a banner was unfurled that read “Hatred has no future.”

Segre has come under fire from the right-wing fascistic elements of our world after promoting “a new parliamentary panel against racism, discrimination, anti-Semitism and online hatred,” according to TIME magazine.

Italy has seen the rise of neofascist right-wing elements like the rest of the world in recent years. The Forza Nuova party has taken a violent line on refugees and immigrants as the reasons for the economic inequalities that have plagued Italy. And anti-Semitic fervor has underpinned this fascistic hatred as it always does. Quite a strange flag for people to fight against, but then again, our president is Donald Trump with henchmen like Sebastian Gorka.

CNN reports that 600 mayors marched with Segre, while the crowd chanted her name and sang an anti-fascist song "Bella Ciao."


Homeless Man Plays Street Piano Beautifully in Sarasota, Florida (Come Sail Away)


Orphaned bear reunited with her human caretaker after years apart

Respect pedestrians at crosswalks

Looks like a great idea to me!

Foal stuck in bridge is saved

While driving down the road, this man encountered a young horse that had gotten itself stuck between the wooden beams of a bridge while its mother stood close by not being able to help. The man carried the foal safely to the other side of the bridge.

Yikes! Cringe-worthy on many levels.....horses left to wander, mom so thin, baby pulled out by its neck. But at least saved for the moment.

Discarded flip flops become art--Ocean recycling

Ocean Sole, an ocean conservation group located in Kenya, turns flip-flop pollution into art and functional products to promote the oceans. Millions of discarded flip-flops are posing major hazards to our oceans. Flip-flop artist Francis Mutua guides us through their work, where over 900 Kenyans have found support and employment. Their mission is to become a global leader in helping ordinary people start businesses in the name of conservation.

Bruised Humpback whale cut free by divers

This is the amazing moment a humpback whale is cut free by divers from an enormous fishing net that has become tangled around its body.
Captain Faizel and Dive leader Jeannot filmed the rescue mission with a head-mounted GoPro as they helped the whale in Trinidad.
The divers had spotted a calf jumping frantically in the distance and swam over to investigate.


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