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Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer WOWS And Gets GOLDEN BUZZER! America's Got Talent 2019

Parallel Worlds (Warning: Graphic Content)

Uğur Gallen was born and lives in Turkey, and for years has seen neighboring Syria plunged into a civil war that has affected the lives of millions of people. He is bothered by the inequality and contrasts in the way of life of citizens living close to each other, but practically living in different worlds.

It’s hard to be immune to the power of a good photo. This is the media used by Gallen to evidence the striking differences between contrasting worlds of developed countries and those that are plagued by conflicts. Through his project, he tries to capture the enormous
and at the same time dramatic contrast of these “two completely contrasting worlds.”

More at


Facebook post of Minnesota woman's abortion records prompts criminal investigation

The posting of a Minnesota woman’s abortion records on Facebook without her consent has touched off a criminal investigation by state authorities while revealing the fragility of medical privacy in the social media era.

One of the Facebook posts, which apparently took place last fall, called the woman a “baby killer” and contained her picture. It also included a picture of her sonogram from a Planned Parenthood clinic and an admission form indicating how long the woman had been pregnant and the recommended methods of abortion for her to consider.

A cyber crimes investigator with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) obtained a search warrant last fall and traveled to Facebook’s California headquarters to retrieve data and information for three profile pages on which the abortion records were posted. The search warrant information had been sealed until recently so that the perpetrators weren’t tipped off to the investigation.

One of the Facebook pages, which has nearly 3,000 friends and posts, was “used to harass, oppress, persecute and intimidate” the woman, investigator Joseph Murphy wrote in his search warrant application.


Cartoon: Mitch McConnell's abortion alternatives


'Star Trek' goes back to the 24th century with the return of Patrick Stewart in 'Star Trek: Picard'

Today, CBS released the first teaser trailer for Star Trek: Picard, which plays almost like a wine commercial for the Picard family vineyard.

“15 years ago today you led us out of the darkness ... you commanded the greatest rescue armada in history ... then the unimaginable … What did that cost you? Your faith? Your faith in us? Your faith in yourself? Tell us, why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?”

There’s not much in this teaser, other than a good look at what farming equipment and techniques in three centuries might look like. But the narration and imagery does lead to some suspicion as to where this might be going.


The 10 Worst States for Women's Health and Well-Being

It’s 2019, and women still face inequality and attacks on their health and well-being. And the quality of life for women can vary greatly, depending on where they live.

A recent study from WalletHub compared life for women across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. It broke down 24 indicators of living standards into two main categories: women’s economic and social well-being and women’s health and safety. Each state was awarded points for the 24 indicators, which determined its overall rank on the list.

Louisiana ended up with the lowest overall score, giving it the title of the worst state for women in the United States. Louisiana came in 50th for women’s economic and social well-being. And within that category, it had the third highest percentage of women in poverty. Moreover, Louisiana took 48th for women’s health and safety. It had a low life expectancy for women at birth. And the state had one of the highest female homicide rates in the country.

The 10 best states for women’s health and well-being:

10. Vermont
9. Hawaii
8. Colorado
7. Maine
6. Connecticut
5. New York
4. Washington, D.C.
3. North Dakota
2. Massachusetts
1. Minnesota


Well hey--Kentucky didn't make either list!

Scientists Just 3D Printed a Human Cornea Using Stem Cells

These 3d printed artificial corneas could help millions restore their vision.

Researchers have created the most advanced artificial cornea ever using 3D printing and human stem cells. The technology, if successfully developed, could help millions of people around the world see a clearer future.

The cornea is the protective, clear outer layer covering the eye. When it’s damage, it creates serious vision problems or can cause blindness. Currently, people with damaged corneas hope for healthy corneas transplants from deceased donors, but the need far exceeds the supply.

Enter the artificial corneas developed by engineers from Newcastle University, detailed in a paper published in Experimental Eye Research. The 3D printed corneas are not easy to develop: first, there’s the problem of distinctive curved shape of the human cornea. Researchers used a special camera to photograph a volunteer’s eyeballs to create 3D model, the first time that the cornea shape has been printed. Next, scientists need to create an ink thin enough to filter through a 3D printer, but firm enough to maintain a 3D shape. To get the right texture, researchers created a bioink using stem cells from donor corneas, adding it to alginate (a jelly-like goo) and collagen (ropy proteins). The result looks something like a contact lens, but can do a lot more to repair vision.

Artificial corneas will still require actual cornea donations, but they’ll be able to make each cornea donation go a lot farther. Instead of replacing one damaged cornea with a healthy one, scientists would be able to grow enough cells from one donated cornea to print 50 artificial ones.

Bill Nye the Science Guy goes OFF about climate change

(Warning: contains explicit language)


Man dressed as waiter serves homeless people

More of this!!!

Birds playing basketball

WAY better than me!
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