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Trump Praise of 'Tormented' Flynn Raises Pardon Speculation

Source: U.S. News/AP

President Donald Trump is voicing strong support for his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, raising speculation that a pardon may be coming.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Thursday voiced strong support for his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, raising speculation that a pardon may be coming after Flynn's lawyers disclosed internal FBI documents they claim show the FBI was trying to entrap him.

Trump has long said he is considering pardoning Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in early 2017 about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States. The president spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning retweeting supportive statements and a video Flynn tweeted of an American flag flapping in the wind.

He told reporters at the White House that he believed Flynn had been “tormented" and that, following the release of the documents, “now we have to see what's going to happen."

“They came at him with 15 buses and he’s standing in the middle of the highway. What they did to this man,” Trump said, without specifying what he meant. "They tormented him. They destroyed him. But he’s going to come back.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called into Fox News Channel to react to the release of the FBI documents, saying, "if true, it is extremely troubling.”

“If all this proves to be true, you will have, certainly, a major, major error on the part of top leadership at the FBI, which could well warrant additional charges against them," he said.

Read more: https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2020-04-30/lawyers-for-michael-flynn-release-internal-fbi-emails-notes

Apparently, Fox, is even talking about bringing him back to the White House.


TEN FOLD TECHNOLOGY: FUTURE OF MOBILE DWELLING. Kitchen/Bathroom. See Version 1: See Version 3: 3D ...

Hong Kong airport brings in cleaning robots and disinfection booth

(CNN) — Cleaning robots, temperature checks and antimicrobial coatings could soon become synonymous with airport trips.
Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has provided a glimpse into what international airport procedures might look like once we're traveling again, and a lot of disinfection technologies are involved.

The busy Asia airport claims it's the first in the world to trial a live operation of CLeanTech, a full-body disinfection booth.
The short, but thorough, process sees those passing through undertake a temperature check before entering a small booth for the 40-second disinfection and sanitizing procedures.

According to the airport authority, the inside of the facility contains an antimicrobial coating that can remotely kill any viruses and/or bacteria found on clothing, as well as the body, by using photocatalyst advances along with "nano needles."

The individual is also sprinkled with sanitizing spray for "instant disinfection" inside the booth, which is kept under negative pressure, an isolation technique used in hospitals and medical centers, to prevent cross-contamination.

While CLeanTech is at present only being used on staff who undertake public health and quarantine duties for passenger arrivals, the fact that it's being trialed at one of the world's busiest airports suggests facilities like this may be used more widely in the near future.
However, it's worth noting that, as this system aims to disinfect a person's clothes and skin externally, it may not be effective when it comes to detecting those already infected with coronavirus who are not displaying any symptoms.


Photos at link.

Oscar and the postman. Every morning this ❤

Publix is buying milk and produce that farmers

Publix is buying milk and produce that farmers would've been forced to dump and donating it to food banks

Publix announced Wednesday that it would be purchasing excess produce and milk from farmers in its operating area and donating it to food banks.

Food suppliers have lost their usual buyers amid coronavirus-related closures of schools, restaurants, and hotels. Issues in the supply chain have meant that dairy farmers have been forced to dump thousands of gallons of milk and unsold produce has gone to waste.

The southeastern grocery chain said it would give purchased produce and milk directly to Feeding America food banks. It expects to donate more than 150,000 pounds of produce and 43,500 gallons of milk in the first week of the initiative.

"As a food retailer, we have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the needs of families and farmers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic," Publix CEO Todd Jones said in the press release announcing the initiative. "In this time of uncertainty, we are grateful to be able to help Florida's produce farmers, southeastern dairies, and families in our communities."

Food banks around the country have become overwhelmed over the last several weeks as millions of Americans have lost their jobs and schools remain closed. According to the US Labor Department, 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance in the week ending April 18, which brings the five-week total to about 26.5 million.


Blooming Trees

Have many trees blooming around our farm now....Dogwoods, Redbud, Ornamental Plum, Apple. After I ventured out for tomato plants and flowers though last week, night temps dropped back down in the 30's, so have lost many. Plenty of tulips, grape hyacinth, and phlox.

What do you have blooming?

Trump threatens to 'close-down' states that refuse to reopen at his demand

..."Trump was not subtle in his threats against the states. "If we're not happy,” said Trump, employing the royal we, “we'll take very strong action against a state or a governor if we're not happy with the job a governor is doing. We'll let them know about it. And as you know, we have very strong action we can take, including a close-down." So Trump is threatening any state that doesn’t reopen with a “close-down.” What this means is clear as mud. But there’s no doubt that Trump’s team can find a way to hurt people. It’s their specialty."


OMFG!!! I am sitting here, literally shaking. First he incites armed insurrection against the Dem governors of VA, MI, MN, and now this. Dems have to do more than just condemn this. Invoke that 25th Amendment, or whatever it takes, but this lunatic has to go NOW. He is a danger to the country, more than ever.

Surplus Ducks

I'm posting this in General Discussion to try and get some ideas.

Is there any way I could donate live ducks to a food bank, or some other food distribution organization?

We have accumulated an excess of Muscovey's, and they've become a real problem. Not only is there duck poop all over the place, they eat up all the barn cats food, and keep getting in the water troughs for horses, donkeys, and goats (even though we have a big pond). THAT's scary because they can spread salmonella that way. They're also destroying my flowers.

I've called all over the place looking for poultry processing places, with no luck (plenty of red meat processors though). If I could take them somewhere, drop them off, and get them back in nice little packages to put in the freezer, I would do that (be great for feeding our dogs, instead of buying chicken). I've talked to people who say--its easy, just do it yourself. Ummm.....no experience, and I'd really rather not.

They are actually good egg layers too, if someone wanted to go that route. I'm going to keep a few, so we're talking maybe 15, drakes and hens.

I've sent out a few emails this evening to places that distribute excess Ag goods. I'll call some others tomor.

Other ideas or suggestions?

Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates And At Least 75 Other Billionaires Donating To Pandemic Relief

A small percentage of the world’s richest people have publicly disclosed financial gifts to help fight COVID-19. Others are using their money to help support their own companies.

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe, billionaires are donating to the fight against it—with some giving more than others. Since mid-March, Forbes has been tracking how much this ultra-rich set has been donating to COVID-19 causes. While most of the world’s 2,095 billionaires have yet to give, or won’t disclose how much they’ve spent, at least 77 of them have reached into their wallets. Of those, 54 have disclosed at least part of their giving while another 23, such as Alibaba’s Joseph Tsai, gave unspecified amounts of cash or provided assistance in the form of medical supplies or equipment that Forbes was unable to value.

Of these billionaires, Jack Dorsey has emerged as the most generous giver so far, after announcing on April 7 that he was moving $1 billion of his Square stock—about a quarter of his $3.9 billion net worth—into an LLC to support COVID-19 relief efforts and other causes. It’s unclear how much of this $1 billion will go toward the coronavirus pandemic (so far he has given out about $5 million combined to four organizations), but even if it ends up being just 20% of his pledge, he will still have far outspent his peers. The second-largest pledge comes from Indian tech magnate Azim Premji, who plans to give $132 million to humanitarian aid and health interventions to curb the spread of COVID-19. Bill Gates comes in third, with $105 million committed, mostly to be spent on vaccines, treatment and diagnostic development.

Donald Trump, America’s first billionaire president, also makes Forbes’ roundup, following a $100,000 donation—one quarter of his salary—to the Department of Health and Human Services. The check represents 0.005% of his $2.1 billion net worth.


Website has the complete list. Notice that tRump comes in dead last.

Nancy Pelosi on Chris Hayes right now

He asked--"When's the last time you spoke to the president?" Reply--"The State of the Union. You remember that."

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