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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 01:20 PM
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Where will the next Democratic critical mass erupt from a red area?

I've been spreading the word about It Starts Today because it is a nice add on to whatever more focussed group(s) we want to support. They divide their money equally among the 438 (?? I might have that number wrong) Democratic candidates. It's appealing to me because who knows where a critical mass of Democrats might erupt in a red area if given enough financial support AND just plain attention?

Here's an e-mail I got from them today.

It’s been a month since It Starts Today launched, and what an incredible month it’s been. Because you're one of the donors at the forefront of our movement to take Congress away from Trump and his Republican enablers, I wanted to share some of our most exciting developments with you:

•NBC News highlighted It Starts Today as one of the leading ways to resist Trump through tech.

•Business Insider hailed our grassroots movement to help Democrats win back seats in Congress.

•WIRED Magazine talked up how It Starts Today can help save the Democratic Party.

•Bustle pegged us as one of the ways to fight Trump in his first hundred days.

But the fact we’re proudest is that, thanks to you—and more than a thousand donors like you—It Starts Today has already raised almost $300,000 for Democratic candidates in 2018. We’re thrilled that our movement is getting such positive attention from the press, but that means nothing without your support. We’re so, so honored that you believe if what we’re trying to accomplish.

If all of this is as exciting to you as it is to us, will you share It Starts Today on Facebook or Twitter?

Word of mouth makes a huge difference—we need every day between now and 2018 to empower our nominees to fight back.

Thanks again. You’re making big things happen.

Jonathan Zucker

Founder, It Starts Today


Who'da thunk that John McCain would become one of my heroes?

Why??? Because he was the first person, that I heard, anyway, to speak out on national TV to point out that attacking the press is the first step toward dictatorship.

This thought has been swirling in my head for weeks.... how we're sounding more and more like a 3rd world country. I hope we can figure out ways to fight back. But I'm not sure we can... The one thing that gives me hope is that we, unlike these dictatorships, have an alternative identity. We were all taught about the inscription on the statue of liberty, "Give me your tired...."

I long for the days when the GOP was mostly a very misguided but (I thought) well motivated opposing political party. Not a collection of ignorance. I wait and wait for more GOPers to say "enough!!"


Any talk of trying to revive civics classes in public schools?

I saw some quote today (no link, no author) about democracy not being able to survive too much ignorance. Remember those Jay Leno person-on-the-street quizzes? Funny then. Scary now.

How do we combat Trump's death by a thousand cuts?

Trump deflects attention from the serious issues by inundating us with comments that in past years would have brought a president down. He flings so much shit at us that we can't attend to any one thing. Frank Bruni had an excellent column about this in today's Times. (Sorry, no link.)

One approach might be to reserve a space for listing and correcting his daily lies. The NYT had such a column today that referred just to his press conference.

Whatever we do, we need to free ourselves from drowning in his unbelievable behavior.


What the reporter following April Ryan should have asked.

Mr. President, why did you assume that Ms Ryan's question would be "a bad one?" Why did you imply that all people of color know one another? Was it to rally the white supremacists among your supporters?

We've seen a little of reporters supporting one another. I think this was a missed opportunity.

I look at Breitbart.com once a week or so.

I want to find out who we're dealing with. Get to know the enemy. It's been interesting... Could someone give me a couple of other alt right locations I could investigate?

Why Trump is not like Slobodan Milosevic.

Today on NPR's show on the media someone was interviewed about the similarities by Trump and Milosevic. Allowing as how Milosevic was not interested in public opinion (just power) and was very self disciplined, he went on to explain that Milosevic's rise began when he played the nationalism card in Kosovo. Then how he proceeded to proclaim lie after lie, not caring about the opinion of intelligent people or the rest of the world. Yes, there was a difference in that the U.S. has a vibrant free press.

But the big difference, in my opinion, was not mentioned. That is that the U.S. has a strong national identity involving freedom and diversity. I expect EVERY American school child at some point was taught about the statue of liberty and the "Give me your tired..." inscription. Trump is fighting for control not only of disenfranchised white people, but of a population that learned to identify American exceptionalism with American welcoming diversity.

It may be a long fight, and I sure do hope we win!

A chance in 2 weeks to flip a state senate back to blue!!!!

I got this e-mail forwarded from our Mass Dem town committee, re the race for a Connecticut seat. Please consider supporting candidate Greg Cava. I was invigorated to see our Dem committee taking action for our neighboring state. Someone is coordinating!


From: Edward Corey <edward.corey1994@gmail.com>
Date: February 17, 2017 at 11:27:57 PM EST
To: Edward Corey <edward.corey1994@gmail.com>
Subject: 2/18 Cava Call Info

Hey all,

Remember the email I sent out earlier saying we broke another call
record? I've just finished compiling all of the data, and we surpassed
the record we set yesterday by 1000! 4800 calls made just today, with
thousands of doors to knock this weekend, and I would say we're having
our best week yet. Our movement is growing every day, and the momentum
is behind us. Greg was mentioned on Maddow yesterday, and we have
folks helping us out in half a dozen states or more. We couldn't do
this without you, and the enormity of this movement blows my mind.
Thanks for all that you do. Less than two weeks until we flip the
State Senate back to blue!

We are still not leaving messages. We start GOTV (Get Out The Vote)
efforts on Wednesday, and so while I know many of you have signed up
already, here is the sign up form. GOTV is critical in a district like
this, and it's the task to which all of our efforts thus far have been
bent. We also have begun women to women calling again, and so the link
for that will be below. Thanks so much once again for all that you do
for Greg and for this movement. We wouldn't be where we are without
all of your help.

A chance to help a Dem go to congress in first competitive race of Trump era.

I heard about the Georgia race from a Dem town committee in Massachusetts. It's a chance to DO SOMETHING!! Let's get a running start and win this first competitive race!

Jon Ossoff is running for Congress in Georgia's 6th district, in the special election to replace Tom Price. Hillary lost in this district by only a single point in November and this could be a potential pickup for Democrats in the House. The election is on April 18th. You can contribute here:


Opportunity to flip a state district in about a week.

I heard about this only because I'd signed up for my town Democratic committee. Here's a chance for people to DO SOMETHING.

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