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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 01:20 PM
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Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.

Even Judy Woodruff on The Newshour led off this bit by saying that he called on this black woman saying, "this will be a bad question." Judy looked distressed.


Does anyone have stats on subscriptions and viewership for MSM since Jan 20?

NYT, New Yorker, CNN, NBC, etc? I see the New Yorker is soliciting subscribers to combat fake news.

Mad as they made me during the election, I'm afraid they're our only hope right now. We even need them to get the word out about our new "Liberal Tea Party."

Is there a tiny silver lining here?

Is it possible that Trump's super extreme cabinet nominees will wake up some voters to the truth that Trump is NOT ON THEIR SIDE?????? Presumably not ALL Trump voters are consumers of Breitbart or even Fox. Presumably some of them are just life-long Republicans that couldn't switch.

Any stats on that????

Let's help Dems in red areas get to a critical mass!!!

An easy thing to do with possible unexpected benefits.

There's a lot in the news now about a general rise in activism/"resistance". If you're looking for something to do, or even if you've picked some spots, I urge everyone to donate 4.68/month to this organization which will divide all donations equally among the 468 Democratic candidates. We need to encourage slivers of Dem life in red areas. Who knows what will happen if they can drum up a critical mass? Places that the national Dems aren't paying attention to.


Rats!!! Now I have to go buy stuff from Nieman Marcus!!

Just heard on The Newshour that Nieman Marcus followed quickly on Nordstrom's heels to drop Ivanka's brand. This has got to stop. It's really tough to find stuff I want for $30 or less!!!

https://barackobama.com Not much here yet, but I'll check it regularly. :-) nt

Can't hurt to remind us all to Tweet something to #LetLizSpeak nt

If you click VIEW ALL to open a Post, it doesn't highlight it to show you've read it. nt

Tried to buy some underwear at Nordstrom's.

Couldn't find anything we'd wear in our sizes. Have asked grown children and spouses to come up with requests. Hope to make 3 purchases over the course of the next month.

Anyone else planning on doing this? Anything on social media about this idea?

Is it true that two male senators had read that letter...

... into the record at some other time with no consequences?
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