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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
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Are Ivanka and Jared grownups?

There are hints here and there that "the grownups are winning." If you distinguish being a grownup from having good political views, do they qualify? I keep remembering that Chelsea Clinton was friends with Ivanka...

Best report I've seen on what's happened at the NSC. Atlantic.


She looks so good!!!!!


Have you noticed the similarity between Kim Jon Un's and DT's default facial expression?

The downturned mouth and the frown. Looking a little like a miniature bull dog.

Weird primary in GA 6!!!! Who else does it this way?

I just learned that in the primary on April 18 ALL candidates from both parties run on the SAME ballot, so you could end up with 2 Republicans in the runoff. Do any other states do it this way????

This is the election where Jon Ossoff is running. Bush won the district by 67 to 31 (or something like that). But Trump only 48 to 47. An really, really good chance to flip a red district, and the primary is more important than I had realized.

Again, how common is this way of doing things?

In case you're inspired to donate...

The craziness isn't just confined to politics. What's going on?

Am I imagining things, or is the irrelevance of facts more pervasive all over our society?

Here's an example.

We have a policy of requiring to sign in at the front desk when visiting people in our 60+ unit condo. I asked board members the reason for this and was told "So the fire department knows who is in the building." I've gotten this response more than once from other unit owners. When I point out that the fire department has no way of knowing who is in the other units in the building, who is at work, shopping, etc., the other person just repeats the statement. It's like a Kafka novel.

What's going on?? Is there anything I can do about it when I bump into it one on one???

EDIT - I'm not asking whether or not the sign-in policy is reasonable. I'm asking what's going on when people cite a meaningless reason and don't acknowledge my response. It's not the front desk people that I've been asking. It's board members and their supporters. The sign-in conversation is just an example of my broader question. That is, do you encounter more non-rational conversation than you used to? And when you do, can you figure out what's going on?

Has anyone here ever met a liberal elitist?

If so, what qualifies them for that label?

Note (edited after 150 replies). I'm asking the question about "elitists" not the "elite." However, interpret as you will.
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