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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 01:20 PM
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Watch out if people can get at your outgoing mail.

We live in a condo with a mail room. We can mail stuff be sticking it through a slot and then the mailman can pick it up. Recently we had 5 different checks mis-deposited. They were made out to Capital One (3) and 2 other individual vendors. They were endorsed with my name or hubby's. Both, of course, printed on the check. We know for sure that one of them was deposited via cell phone. It seems clear to us that the software that allows cell phone deposits (or at least some of the software) is scanning for any name on the front of the check to compare to the endorsement.

One bank just gave me back my money and called me to tell me I'd have to re-send a check.

The other bank required that I make a police report and take the number to the local branch then wait for them to work through to get the money from the bank that actually cashed it. I'm still waiting. I found the first 3 checks all at once. Found the other two later. Now have to go through the whole police report again.

If you didn't care for the Michelle portrait and didn't hear her and Amy Sherald speak,

...it's really enlightening to hear them talk about it. Sorry - couldn't figure out how to copy the direct link to the video. It's here in this DU post.


To those who watched CNN, the color was NOT accurate.

If you saw an incredibly pale Obama against a background of almost mauve leaves, be assured that the color was realistic. CSPAN got it right, as did some of the reproductions here on DU.

I was shocked when it was unveiled on CNN. Glad I switched to CSPAN when idiot talking heads thought they were more important than Wiley's remarks.

Did Amy Sherald speak? I tuned in too late.

I'd love to know what the artist had to say about the Michelle portrait. Certainly Wiley's remarks were very important in that he explained the flora. (Check other posts for that).

Thank goodness for CSPAN. The artist Wiley's speech should not have been missed. nt

Do DUers know about the NDRC? (poll)

I'm curious as to how well the NDRC (National Democratic Redistricting Committee) has made itself known to people like us. For those of you who don't know about it. The NDRC is a group formed by Obama and Erick Holder to attack gerrymandering. Here's some good information from a different thread.

Wed Feb 7, 2018, 02:51 AM
RandySF (16,292 posts)

Obama/Holder Group Targets All-G.O.P. States to Attack Gerrymandering
Mr. Holder said in an interview that the group was chiefly determined to deny Republicans so-called trifectas in state governments — places where a single party controls the governorship and an entire legislature, as Republicans do in Ohio and Florida, among other critical battlegrounds.

The group’s list of high-priority states includes most of the critical states in presidential elections. Mr. Obama, who has made redistricting a focus of his attention since leaving office, plans to visit some of those states in 2018, and Mr. Holder reviewed his strategy with the former president in Washington on Monday, aides said.

States at the top of the just-finalized target list include traditional purple states like Michigan and Wisconsin, where Republicans can currently design maps without Democratic input, and others — including Colorado, Minnesota and Nevada — where Democrats have significant influence in government but must defend it in the 2018 elections.

“From my perspective, success is if you break a trifecta,” Mr. Holder said, adding: “I don’t think that in December of 2018, you measure success only by whether you have assumed control of a particular state.”

Because of the broad authority Republicans hold in many states, and the favorable maps many Republican lawmakers have drawn for themselves, Mr. Holder said his group would spend money wherever Republicans appear to be vulnerable. In Ohio, that will mean pursuing not only the governorship but also the offices of state auditor and secretary of state, both of which play a role in shaping congressional maps. In Wisconsin and Florida, Mr. Holder’s group will help Democrats compete for the governorship and the State Senate majority.

In North Carolina, where there is a Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, but Republicans have control of the legislature by vast margins, the redistricting committee hopes to shave seats off the current Republican supermajorities.

Mr. Holder said he would campaign aggressively himself in some of these races, beginning with an election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court this spring. Both he and Mr. Obama will focus heavily on mobilizing African-American voters, Mr. Holder said.

The strategy has the potential to inject a new volume of money, on the Democratic side, into typically low-profile elections. Mr. Holder said the group has raised more than $16 million out of a previously announced $30 million goal, but it has not disclosed how much cash it has on hand.


Reply 13 in the thread above shows a list of the offices currently targeted by the NDRC. I tried to cut and paste it here, but the paste is the right size, but empty. Can anyone explain that, just for curiosity?

Question submitted by LAS14

The text of this question will be publicly available after it has been reviewed and answered by a DU Administrator. Please be aware that sometimes messages are not answered immediately. Thank you for your patience. --The DU Administrators

Ideas about why Porter resigned?????

This year has been one "Rubicon" after another. The thing that defines it is that NOTHING matters! So how come this mattered? How come the White House got swept up in the MeToo wave? Don't get me wrong. I'm tickled that it did. But puzzled too.

Does anyone know what caused Rand Paul to give up? nt

Do you see something wrong with this headline? (snow in Chicago).

Dozens of crashes, cancellations as nearly 5 inches of snow pounds Chicago area overnight. Chicago Tribune
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