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Profile Information

Name: Nanci
Gender: Female
Hometown: Redondo Beach
Home country: United States
Current location: California
Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 6,241

About Me

I've been a member of DU since the very beginning....after that horrible fiasco - the sElection of 2000. My first user name was Lindsey, then I changed it to Nirvana555, and now it's Upthevibe. I had devices crash and I ended up having to change my user name. I've never been one to make a whole lot of original posts, but I consider myself a very active member in that I come to DU almost every day and read the wonderfully informative threads. I can't imagine what life would have been like over the past two decades without DU!

Journal Archives

Can you guys (who're interested) PLEASE give me your opinions on the severe,

and pathological genesis of Mitch McConnell's true purpose regarding these judges?

His wife has loads of money so I'm not inclined to think it's that. I listened to a great podcast about him on NPR a couple of months ago and he's not a religious fanatic.

In all seriousness, I'm truly interested in what propels him. Also, I saw the phenomenal presentation given by Sheldon Whitehouse which was eye-opening and chilling..

Thank you....

Can we trade Chuck Todd

for Jake Tapper?

Can someone explain to me how the legislative process

would work as opposed to rulings by SCOTUS regarding cases/situations such as marriage equality (gay marriage)?

Thanks to anyone for your feedback....

Yikes! I'm just now hearing Diane Feinstein at the hearings.....

....................PLEASE, retire............... Governor Newsome can appoint someone.....

And, I just watched Sheldon Whitehouse's unbelievably amazing presentation......... I have a good friend who watches everything and then saves and shows me the highlights or lowlights....

Amy Coney Barrett....

At one point I had heard and read that the committee would have to be in person but I see that's not happening.

I want to get back to some folks I had discussed this with. Were they able to change the rules?

I appreciate any feedback...

Re: Marriage Equality......Terrifying....


OMG! I just read this article from The Federalist about wives submitting to her husbands...

RE: Amy Conan Barrett....

How Strong Women Like Amy Coney Barrett Submit To Their Husbands With Joy


I just heard on CNN's Fredricka Whitfield that because three of the Republicans

tested positive for COVID19, McConnell is asking for an agreement to pushback floor activity for two weeks until Oct. 19 - a pause in legislative business on the senate floor. In order to get that agreement he needs to get the top Democrat - Chuck Schumer - to sign off on it. In order to get her out of committee, Tillis and Lee would need to be actually present. Without them there, if Dems. decide not to show up for the vote that puts her getting out of the committee in jeopardy because they need an actual quorum. They need a vote with at least more than 1/2 of the members on the committee to be present. Lauren Fox - Congressional Reporter.

I don't have a thread. This was just on Fredricka Whitfield's show. I was pausing and typing as I heard it.....

If Senator Lee tested positive and he met with Amy Coney-Barrett on Tuesday....

doesn't that mean she needs to quarantine for 14 days?

Hey again Georgia residents and others in the know....

I heard a summary on NPR yesterday about Kelly Loeffler's crimes. Wow....What a disgrace she is....

I'm seeing in recent polls that Raphael Warnock has pulled ahead. I found out on DU (when I asked another question about Georgia) that this year in Georgia there's a special election and a jungle election.

My question is this: Have there been a significant number of commercials in the state for Warnock as well as anything giving bullet points (or whatever they call it these days) about Loeffler's corrupt history?

Thanks to anyone to can give me some feedback.

(I also posted this in General Discussion).
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