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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,767

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"Should we investigate?"

"It's based on heresay."

"So we should investigate to find out if the hearsay is true, correct?

"I don't know."

Strong ending

I thought he might cry

Trump is demonstrably quite capable of exerting executive privilege

Why TF did Maguire feel so responsible for finding out if EP was warranted? I understand his (weak) argument about the "urgent" thing, but wasn't it kind of his decision to bring up the EP angle (and thus, needed to extend the deadline from the 7 days)? As much as he claims to be on the WB side, that action flies in the face.

Also, EP can only be invoked by the Pres. Whether the other party (the WB) honors it is out of the Pres' control. It wasn't up to Maguire to decide, was it?

During presser with Zelensky, Trump inadvertantly demonstrated what his issue really was

In trying to demonstrate how "anti-corruption" he is, and that this was his whole motivation for bringing up Biden vis-a-viz Ukraine...

WHY then does he mention China? Saying that Hunter got these millions from Ukraine, and immediately follows that with how Biden also got millions from China!

This very clearly reveals that his problem is with BIDEN, not corruption in Ukraine.

See what I mean?

(Not that we didn't know this, of course; just how ridiculously transparent the gas bag is )

Link to Cspan video of presser. https://www.c-span.org/video/?464711-1/president-trump-meets-ukrainian-leader-memo-release

Do we know in which hotel Zelinsky is staying?

If Trump, emoluments.

If not Trump, why not? He bragged that he stayed there before, why not now?

Either way, the Press needs to make hay over this, to illustrate the problem.

I think he (barely secretly) wants this

He'll be able to blame his (either) resignation or reelection-failure on this "witch hunt."

OK this is funny

Status report on our nation's critical infrastructure:

- Dams - Broken
- Floodgates - Opened
- Train stations - Depleted of trains, which have already left
- Horse barn - Lacking horses, which already left.
- Points of no return = Passed
- Rubicons = Crossed


188 Reps on board nt

The unity that will return to DU on this matter

is a massive side-benefit!

It's a trap

I don't for a minute believe there have been several simultaneous come-to-Jesus moments within the past few hours.

I desperately hope I'm wrong.
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