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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
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Sorry, but in my world, truth-seeking is NOT spreading hate and violence

WTF is wrong with so many of you?? Bullies.

Let the facts speak! I always thought progressives believed in and stood for that. Quite a rude awakening here lately.

Scientists and educated people are afraid to speak out on this, because of the kinds of accusations well represented here on DU and in this thread. It is shameful.

Yes, the right has taken yet another issue and poisened it, and now we can't discuss it.

So fuckng sad. You have no idea.

Are you aware that literally everyone agrees the origin is in China?


What you are doing is conflating "blame" with cause/ origin. That is on YOU, not me

MIT Technology Review: No one can find the animal that gave people covid-19


A reasoned, dispassionate article without any hint of conspiracy-theory-mongering, well worth reading for those who are still seeking answers.

by Antonio Regalado
March 26, 2021

A wild-animal trader who caught a strange new virus from a frozen pangolin. A lab worker studying bat viruses who slipped up and sniffed the air under her biosafety hood. A man who suddenly fell ill after collecting bat guano from a cave to use for fertilizer.

Were any of these scenarios what touched off the covid-19 pandemic?


A 300-page report from the group is expected soon. It is intended to summarize everything that’s known about the early days of the outbreak and the Chinese effort to locate its source, and it’s likely to forward a favored hypothesis: that the virus, SARS-CoV-2, reached humans from bats via “an intermediate host species,” such as a wild animal sold as food in Wuhan’s markets.

That’s a reasonable theory: other bat coronaviruses have jumped to humans the same way. In fact, it was the origin of SARS, a similar coronavirus that panicked the world in 2003 when it spread out of southern China and sickened 8,000 people. With SARS, researchers tested caged market animals and quickly found a nearly identical virus in Himalayan palm civet cats and raccoon dogs, which are also eaten locally.

This time, though, the intermediate-host hypothesis has one big problem. More than a year after covid-19 began, no food animal has been identified as a reservoir for the pandemic virus. That’s despite efforts by China to test tens of thousands of animals, including pigs, goats, and geese, according to Liang Wannian, who leads the Chinese side of the research team. No one has found a “direct progenitor” of the virus, he says, and therefore the pandemic “remains an unsolved mystery.”

Much more at link above.

Terrifying. They are terrorists. Here's Rep. Pascrell's letter to Biden

I hope Biden can do something about this ASAP.


Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein discuss The Lab Hypothesis

It would be amazing to have a calm, rational, fact-based discussion on this subject. Is that even possible? Will it ever be possible? I hope so, and will not be deterred by bullies.

Video from Jan 29, 2021



Who said "engineered in a lab"?

You did, not me.

Well at least now I know who to credit for the numerous posts

The reason I've posted the WaPo, USA Today and Bloomberg articles, was because earlier this morning, right after I posted this one


it was alerted on and removed, for being "kooky."

I thought it was because of the obscure source, so when I saw those three other sources saying much the same thing, I posted those, to make the point that this isn't some nutty conspiracy theory, as so many seem to think. It is a serious issue and deserves serious discussion.

After posting those, I received noticed from the admins that, upon review, they had reinstated the original post that had been hidden.

Had that post not been hidden, I would most certainly *not* have started 3 more threads from mainstream sources.

So, take a bow.

We'll see how much integrity you have

You are sure I won't read it? How sure?

You could look here, and see that I was discussing this paper. A year ago.


Will you admit you made a hasty assumption about me? I doubt it.

Fair enough

I can respect your opinion, because it is, clearly, informed, and that is really all that I am advocating: being informed.

I have gone back and forth on this issue, beginning last March. I thought I was reasonably convinced that there was *no* lab involvement, but new pieces of info keep trickling out, making me revisit and evaluate all the known data, again. That's the process I'm currently in, and I am alarmed by the vitriol, and all of the uninformed opinions on the matter.

BTW, I had planned to listen to that TWiV podcast last night, but fell asleep instead. I had seen Alina Chan's Twitter posts about it, though. So far I have not found any reasons to be suspicious of her or her motives.

As I've said, I'm not convinced of *any* origin theory, and that is precisely my point: there's just not enough actual hard evidence, either way. And it's not because the right questions aren't being asked; it's because the answers are being withheld (by the Chinese government), which is antithetical to an honest scientific inquiry.

I meant, because Trump supports the lab leak theory

because he's a vile racist ignorant asshole, wouldn't know how to evaluate data and facts to save his life.

But, that doesn't automatically invalidate the theory! He doesn't get to decide reality.

And there are plenty of thinkers, researchers, scientists, with *no* political agenda, who have not been convinced to rule that theory out.
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