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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
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So when Sondland told Taylor that he erred when saying no quid pro quo

viz-a-vis a meeting (in exchange for a public declaration by Zelenskyy), what he was actually saying was the qPq was for the meeting (with Trump) AND the security money!

So many quids and quos to keep track of.

Quids from Trump:
--a perfect phone call with Zelenskyy
--a meeting with Zelenskyy
--the nearly $400 million security aid

Quos from Zelensky:
--a committment from Zelenskyy to "investigate" (see next item)
--a letter (public pronouncement) describing Ukraine's intent to investigate:
----Burisma (code for Hunter Biden, proxy for Joe)
----Ukraine role in 2016 US election (code for letting Russia/Putin off the hook; casting doubt on the "Russher Hoax"; casting (more) doubt on Mueller Report; bringing DNC/servers into the mix, muddying the waters)

I have no doubt there was another Quo expected from Zelenskyy, albeit an unspoken one: to deliver substantive (pro-Trump) results from the investigation(s), whether or not fact-based.

Pelosi dominates Trump!


New Trump slogan: MIGA (Make ISIS Great Again)

Imagine being an ISIS fighter, sitting in prison. You know it's over. Your cause is defeated. It will take a generation, if ever, to regain the momentum you had before the Kurds shut you down. There's no hope, and your best outcome is to remain in captivity for the rest of your life.

Then suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, you are liberated and see your enemies, the Kurds, on the run! And the US has cowardly retreated! How can you explain this, what are you thinking?

Naturally, you praise "God", and conclude that this *proves* that your cause is right and has divine protection! How could you not?

So, do you timidly slink away back to wherever you're from, thankful that you narrowly escaped with your life? Or are you emboldened beyond your wildest imaginings?

ISIS will return with a massive vengeance, immeasurably reinvigorated, thanks to Trump.

He is doped up

I'd say drunk, if he drinks.

But definitely under the influence of something, besides his own stupidity.

I hope he's circling the drain.

Trump is like that serial killer who wants to be caught

because he knows he is a monster, but he cannot stop himself. He is doing *everything* possible to get caught before he can do more damage, but everyone around him refuses to see the situation clearly for what it is.

He has no option but to keep escalating.

Those who can and should be stopping him will realize way too late the role they played in this tragedy. They think they are *protecting* him (whatever that means) but in truth, he is begging them to turn him in.

I hope they suffer mightily for the rest of their days in that knowledge.

ETA: Excerpt from letter a serial killer (BTK) wrote

"I write this letter to you for the sake of the tax payer as well as your time...(snip)

"I'm sorry this happen to society. They are the ones who suffer the most. It hard to control myself. You probably call me 'psychotic with sexual perversion hang-up.' When this monster enter my brain I will never know. But, it here to stay. How does one cure himself? If you ask for help, that you have killed four people they will laugh or hit the panic button and call the cops.

"I can't stop it so the monster goes on, and hurt me as well as society. Society can be thankful that there are ways for people like me to relieve myself at time by day dreams of some victims being torture and being mine. It a big compicated game my friend of the monster play putting victims number down, follow them, checking up on them waiting in the dark, waiting, waiting... the pressure is great and sometimes he run the game to his liking. Maybe you can stop him. I can't. He has aready chosen his next victim or victims. I don't who they are yet. The next day after I read the paper, I will know, but it to late. Good luck hunting.


PG&E shut-off: Your food is spoiled, business shut down--can you file a claim with the utility?

Surprise! No.

Have fun if you are poor and lose your fridge's contents


It’s been three days, your power is still out due to dangerous fire weather and you’re forced to dump your spoiled spaghetti and meatball leftovers and the rest of your perishables. Your neighbor’s restaurant has been closed and he’s lost $3,000 in business.

Can either of you get reimbursed?

The answer is — no. Pacific Gas & Electric has many variables that factor into when it issues a Public Safety Power Shutoff. It’s a nuanced decision. But what is black and white is the utility’s policy not to reimburse customers for losses during an outage.

“We do not reimburse customers for losses, as power will be shut off for safety when gusty winds and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk, threaten a portion of the electric system,” said spokeswoman Mayra Tostado.

About the planned power outage in California, happening now

Aside from the fire risk issues, I am having trouble understanding how a widely-notified massive power outage affecting hundreds of thousands of people, for at least 24-hours... How does this not result in a massive crime spree??

I have to imagine this is every criminal's dream, knowing in advance exactly which cities will be without power for possibly days?

I just don't get it
Link for those who don't know



Here's a perfect question for Trump

"Mr. President, how do you square your recent calls for investigations into corruption with what you said in May 2017, during an Oval Office meeting, where you told Sergeys Lavrov and Kislyak that you were unconcerned about Moscow’s election interference, claiming it was no big deal because the United States did the same in other countries? Those don't sound like the words of an anti-corruption crusader."

I wanted to throttle Oompaloompa when he called Schiff "Shifty"

That is an anti-Semitic slur! Why doesn't he get slammed for this shit??

It's seeming to me that the goal is to create enough confusion around

Russian election interference, especially by bringing Ukraine into the mix, so that at some point soon, sanctions on Putin can be lifted with the reasoning that there's just too much uncertainty for the sanctions to remain.

The icing for this will be the "peace agreement" between Ukraine and Russia.

I think this is really what Rudy and Pompeo and everyone else have been mobilized to accomplish.

Trump figures Putin will then not have any choice but to help him again in 2020.
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