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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
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Thread from Seth Abramson


Seth is correct. Unless we throw the whole book at him, forevermore Trump will say he was impeached "for a perfect phone call."

1/ This is absurd. Whatever Democrats talked about impeaching Trump for that they don't impeach him for they appear to forgive and therefore condone. Trump will crow endlessly and claim exoneration. No reason not to include everything and let each voter latch onto what they wish.

Did Trump know about the simmering scandal when he fired Dan Coates?

I know that Dan Coates said he was unaware of the scandal, but is it possible that Trump fired him partly in anticipation of the whistleblower complaint? Granted, it would have required ample forethought, but perhaps someone (Barr?) advised Trump of how things might go?

That is, Trump wanted a newly minted loyalist in the DNI position, so that *should* a WB complaint proceed, it might be nipped in the bud?

Nursery Rhyme as Prophecy

Humpy Trumpy sat on a Wall
Humpy Trumpy had a great fall
All the King's horses
And all the King's men
Couldn't put Trumpy together again

Would it make any difference if there actually was dirt?

Seems to me it is entirely moot.

It happens to be the case that there's nothing there, but even if--in another scenario, with different actors--wouldn't it be just as wrong and impeachable if the target *were* dirty?

I think it may be important to emphasize this, lest the narrative get bogged down in irrelevent issues.

What do you think?

So which Trump spawn will be first to try to salvage the family brand

by tossing Daddy-dearest under the bus?

If Trump were smart and really wanted to do something huge

He would readopt the old GOP hard-line anti-Russian position and DEMAND that Russia repatriate (? de-annex?) Crimea.

Just imagine what would happen.

That kid, whose parents are divorcing,

who is asked in court, in front of his parents, whether he was pressured by _______ (mom or dad), to say he wants to live with them.


Don't "spies" by definition work for another nation?

A spy by any other name is a whistle blower

So, remember when Trump cancelled his trip to Poland?

Zelensky was hoping to meet with him there.

Now we know why Trump cancelled--it was pressure being applied.

Said he'd send Pence instead

And later took that football away, too.

Passive aggressive plausible deniability.

Too bad someone was taking notes!

You know why this was deemed urgent by the ICIG, right?

Because, every foreign actor who was aware of what was happening had their fists FULL of compromat.

*That* was (is) the national security danger.
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