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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,367

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I am very tempted to go dark until days after the election

Just don't check any news at all, just hunker down with Netflix etc and pretend my internet is out.

I wonder if I could do it, and for how long?

I wonder how many days past Tuesday I could get.

Then, on the designated day, come to DU to see how it all played out. Like an induced coma.

Could/would you do it?

Polls minus Voter Suppression equals Actual Outcome

P - VS = AO

We are about to learn the value of the unknown variable called "Voter Suppression".

We are all so very optimistic because we see good polling. The question that remains is whether the margin of victory for our side is greater than VS.

We shall soon know.

A Fortunate Man (Netflix)

Danish, with subtitles. Excellent film. Period piece (late 19th/early20th), about a brilliant young man trying to bring a revolutionary engineering project to his country. He's from humble country means, very stern religious family, that he rejects; instead he embraces a wealthy Jewish family in Copenhagen. His choices have devastating consequences for him and those around him.

Weighs in at nearly 3 hours, every moment worthwhile.

I think 47 is Joe's lucky number

It's particularly funny how Trump keeps mentioning it.

Biden was the 47th VP.

After Trump resigns so that Pence can pardon him, Biden will be the 47th President.

"So, the ends justify the means?"

That needs to be asked every time Trump points to the White House or his presidency as an answer for how he conducts himself (lying, bullying, etc).

"No, they spied on RUSSIANS, and your campaign happened to be there."

That must be said EVERY.SINGLE.TIME Trump makes that claim.

"Clearly an attempt to distract from what he knew was coming."

That's the only answer anyone needs to offer about Rudy's laptop nonsense.

YouTube TownHalls Views: 2.8M (Biden) vs 1.9M (Trump)

As of 6am Pacific.

That's encouraging.

Link to ABC's Biden Town Hall:

Sarah Cooper needs to do one on "Therapeutics"

Who the fuck says Oh, they call it a "therapeutic" but it made me feel better?

Guy Objects To 'Virtual' Debate During 'Virtual' Interview


Following President Donald Trumpís recent Covid-19 diagnosis, the next presidential debate is scheduled to be conducted remotely. Whether it will be held is in doubt, however, with Trump saying on Fox Business Thursday, ďIím not going to waste my time on a virtual debate.Ē
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