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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
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California wildfires: this photo says it all


Hey Joe, bring your own water bottles, OK?

I have no doubt that Navalny's recent 'episode' was the result of Putin trying to school Trump on how to deal with the opposition.

Can't be too careful these days.

Can someone elaborate on the Ivanka aspect of NYT?

I understand that one item relates to a 700k consulting fee, paid for by Trump Org (TO), to Ivanka through a consulting company. As she's employed by the TO, the idea is that she's getting paid twice (I guess?)

It must be more nuanced though. I can imagine someone working for a company and also doing consulting on the side for them too, so that can't be the problem (right?).

So in terms of reducing tax liability on income to TO, the 700k+ consulting expense is a business expense write-off.

Aren't employee salaries also tax writeoffs? Like, TO could have just given her a 700k bonus instead, right?

What am I missing?

Donald Trump is NOW, has BEEN, and will FOREVER be a National security threat to the U.S.

What does a country do with that?

Watch the Nicolle Wallace segment with Peter Strzok describing why Trump is a threat not only now, but in the future, whether he wins or loses the election.


Sobering and terrifying.

Big fire (Shady Fire) approaching Santa Rosa, CA (yes, again)

Lots of homes and wineries being destroyed (Glass Fire in Napa, Shady Fire just entering SR from the east)

Shady was likely a spot fire from Glass.

Deflection: SCOTUS is about his TAXES, not the election

I suspect the real motivation for rushing through his appointment, has to do with his taxes more than a potential contested election.

Open letter to Q

Hey, whoever you are (Jim), can you just use your power for good, actual good, not superhero fantasy LARP good vs evil, but like real-world good? I don't know, maybe something small to start, like telling your followers to recycle, you know, something non-controversial? Or, turn off the lights when they leave a room? Still too controversial? OK, hmmm, vaccinate their pets? Don't litter? I don't know, but try it please, just one little thing to start, and see how it goes. Maybe you'll find pleasure in helping the world, rather than trying to destroy it. Just a thought.

That fire (Bobcat?) seems to be getting awfully close to Mt. Wilson


The N95 shortage America can't seem to fix (WaPo)

(Sorry, yes, paywalled WaPo, but long, detailed story worth the read.)

This subject, imho, forms the crux of the biggest failure of this administration's handling of this pandemic. And it persists even now, seven months in. Remarkable.


The Department of Health and Human Services did fund the invention of a “one-of-a-kind, high-speed machine” that could make 1.5 million N95s per day. But when the design was completed in 2018, the Trump administration did not purchase it.

Oh, but that was 2018! Who knew? OK, but then:

This year, as the virus spread from Wuhan to Washington state, HHS turned down a January offer from a manufacturer who could make millions of N95s. The agency didn’t start ordering N95s from multiple companies until March 21.

Ask the Trump administration, and the N95 shortage is nearly solved. Rear Adm. John Polowczyk, whom Trump put in charge of securing PPE, said that by December, 160 million N95s will be made in the United States per month. By his calculations, that will be enough to handle a “peak surge" from hospitals, clinics, independent physicians, nursing homes, dentists and first responders. The Strategic National Stockpile has 60 million N95s on hand, and states are rebuilding their stockpiles.

“I’ve got production up to what we think is the limits of what we need,” Polowczyk said. “I believe now that hospital systems are making management decisions that might lead to an appearance that we still don’t have masks, which is the farthest from the truth.”

But ask the people inside hospitals, and the shortage is far from over. An August survey of 21,500 nurses showed 68 percent of them are required to reuse respirators, many for more than the five times recommended by the CDC, and some even more than Kelly Williams. One Texas nurse reported she’s still wearing the same five N95s she was given in March.

The AMA, AHA, American Nurses Association and the AFL-CIO all point to the same solution: broader use of the Defense Production Act, which gives the president power over funding for the production and distribution of critical supplies during crises.

In August, Trump stood before a group of socially distanced reporters, praising himself for using the DPA “more comprehensively than any president in history.”

That’s not what it looks like to the man who used to run Trump’s DPA program within the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Larry Hall, who retired last year, said the authority has been executed in an “ad hoc, haphazard fashion.”

Along with ordering 3M to import 166.5 million masks from China, the administration has used the DPA to invest $296.9 million in bolstering the N95 and filter-making supply chains. The Department of Defense, which oversees that funding, spends more per year on instruments, uniforms and travel for military bands.

“By not having a national strategy,” Hall said, “we have fewer masks.”

When's the last time YOU were able to purchase a 3M N95 mask? Wouldn't it be nice if they were available to the public again (of course, after health care workers needs are met)?

More at link, if you can get there:


Noel Casler must interview Michael Cohen on his podcast

Or, Cohen could interview Casler.

Either way, these two must get together to settle the Trump drug use issue.

Casler claims first-hand knowledge that he does.

Cohen says he doesn't.

Which is it, fellas?
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