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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,709

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Trump may be the abusive father

but Congress is the cowed mother as they continue to not stand up to him.

The kids grow up hating him and despising her.

The legacy of everyone who didn't stop Trump today

will be forever defined by what happened yesterday.

Nothing else will matter.

Archive of videos (etc) from 1/6/21 Capitol storm

FYI. Both as a resource and place to deposit.



There is no excuse whatsoever for not impeaching Trump ASAP

This madman has terrorized us all for too long, and any R that won't vote to remove him *must* be put on official record.

Impeach him NOW!

As a forward thinking progressive, I must say

that I look forward to the fullest prosecution of Trump and his fellow lawbreakers.

Trump wanted violence on the Senate floor

Make no mistake, he was hoping that there would be deaths inside that chamber.

I have no doubts about this. None.

Will Biden's AG prosecute Trump?

If this doesn't seal the deal, nothing will.

I can't wait for the payback

fuck you mitch!!

thought you were so smart with tying the Feds hands, well FUCK YOU!!

Funny Fred Brennan tweet:

Trump follows the Constitution the way I follow the Controlled Substances Act

Everything it says not to do I want to try


Once a state has certified an election, is there even a way to reverse it?

Still trying to understand what Trump thinks GaSoS can do.

(I get that sowing doubt underwrites his strategy of getting Congress to object to certain states' EC votes, so I mean at the state level.)
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