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Venice flooded

Three-quarters of Venice flooded after exceptional high tide


Rain-soaked tourists were barred from St Mark's Square in Venice where local authorities said the "acqua alta" (high water) peaked at 156cm, leaving almost three-quarters of the Italian city under water.

Elevated wooden platforms usually placed on main passageways in the Renaissance city were not high enough to ensure safe passage in the low-lying square.

Families carried children on their shoulders through the surrounding streets.

While some tourists donned wellies, others had opted to take off their shoes and wade through the water.

The waters have only topped 150cm five times before in recorded history.

In 1966, when floods swept through the country, famously devastating Florence's historic centre, the waters reached 194cm in Venice.


Irish Blasphemy Referendum and Presidential Election : Exit Poll

In a continuance of the efforts to modernise the Irish Constitution, the Repeal of the Blasphemy article is going to be a resounding Yes by 71 to 27%.

Also President Michael D. Higgins is going to be re-elected for another 7 year term, with 58% of the vote. The only downside is that 1 of the 3 Reality TV "stars" (I know, I know), Peter Casey, was on course to finish last, but last week caused consternation when he rejected Irish Travellers right to have their own ethnicity, taking a leaf from the Trump playbook. He came second on about 20% of the vote.

The only plus is that there was a low turnout nationally, so it was about 20% of 40% turnout, where as normally a General Election would bring 65% turnout.



Podhoretz again, on Morning Joe

He really is a despicable asshole, saying the races are tightening because of Kavanaugh and that there isn't a shred of corroboration of Dr Ford. My rageometer is through the roof, so I turned it off for today. There's a fucking narrative by dickheads like him, coupled with the sham FBI Kavanaugh investigation that is going to see Republicans railroad his nomination through.

Who Do You Think You Are? Samantha Power

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power explores her ancestry, finding secret military officers and a Communist scourge of the Catholic hierarchy. It's online until Oct 23rd.

This is the link to the program on the Irish National TV site. Apologies if it is restricted to Ireland only, but there is no indication that this is the case. As I'm in Ireland, it works for me !

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