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Profile Information

Name: Fuckstick
Gender: Non-binary
Hometown: Neverworld
Home country: Ditto
Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 08:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,115

Journal Archives

Istanka and Damien are set to score big

On this latest grift. What with testing, the food supply chain, safety for first responders.... They can milk the fuck out of this disaster. And they will, because they're the foul offspring of the bloated creature in the White House.

My cat keeps attacking me

And biting the shit out of me, like drawing blood. Something she hasn't done before. Here's more insanity courtesy of that bloated asshole in the White House.

Slate says the animals are sick of being in quarantine, but I'm not interested in being ripped up, especially in my sleep.


Come on, Reverend Al

Ghoul Hewitt on your show? It undercuts everything you're talking about.

I'd been on FB with my AA pals saying what a good job he's doing to explain the race and healthcare divide during this crisis. Then he brings on the ancient super-white asshole to blather about Yamiche Alcindor and blame the Chinese for COVID. Not fucking smart. Don't even give him a platform. Let him go back into his crypt where he belongs.

Dump's new panel unveiling is another fucking tv show stunt

Tune in tomorrow!

And is Damien Kushner gonna be on that panel? May as well be the "death panel" that the Pukes were always talking about during Obamacare.

So my state's governor wants to open businesses next week

Abbott of course. Sigh...

Dang, I just had a FB battle about Candidate Biden

With one guy I know and one I don't. The one I know is a local actor/director who I met and interviewed a year ago, but when he started posting constant Biden rape stories, I had to block him.

But when another actor friend posted a link to a really lame spoof story about Joe wearing a COVID-19 mask with the nose cut out so that he could still sniff womens' hair, I had to speak out.

I could tell that some of my other FB friends thought it was a real story, so I researched it and saw that it came from a (lame) comedy site called the Babylon Bee. I posted a clarification and got flamed by these youngsters about being comedy-deaf. No, I just don't like club-footed conservative comedy.

And they started the rape shit again. So who's their alternative? Do these kids wants Dumpster Diver back in the White House? They may not even know. I've been voting since I placed my ballot against Ray-gun and these children have maybe voted twice in their lives. So naive.

It's more proof that the Bots are here. I'm afraid they'll buy whatever shit comes down the intertubes. We must be vigilant.

How many hours now?

Over three? I turned off the sound but I still see Orange Shitstain when I glance at the television.

Now he's talking about how intelligent he is

And he's an expert on everything. Yamiche just asked a question about testing and instead of attacking her, he said, "That's a very good question." Obviously his handlers are trying to normalize the orange shitbag. But he proceeded to bullshit his way through the answer.

And here comes the best job numbers for the African-American communities shtick, thanks to him.

Who the fuck cares about oil?

Nobody's driving but now Dumpster is carrying on about the great fucking deals he's making. What an asshole.

And he's doing the testing lie again. Call out his bullshit, already!

The Snortfest is early today

But it's incredible and fantastic and amazing... Boy, the writers are desperately trying to humanize the bloated orange beast. He just said "our cherished African American communities." OMG.
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