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Profile Information

Name: Fuckstick
Gender: Non-binary
Hometown: Neverworld
Home country: Ditto
Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 08:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,115

Journal Archives

Oh, Lindsay, Lindsay...

Still trying to act like you're dealing with a rational human being who has two brain cells to rub together? Dumpster has just enough primitive cunning to con his "marks," but nowhere near enough to be president of the United States.

CNN! Barf!

A fluff piece on Moronia and Kellyanne Gorgon all on one show?

Poor world

We've got a failed fraud making life and death decisions. "But the Democrats!!!"

Dump is such a criminal.

But a new caravan is coming!

God, what an asshole. That makes his MAGATS sub-assholes.

Dumpster is reduced (ha!) to barking insanities this holiday season

I hate that his bloated orange ass is still desecrating the White House. Get him the fuck out of there!

Ari is interviewing that pigshit Jerome Corsi

Calling him a liar, but why give that pile of walking shit a platform?

Get stuffed, Pat Toomey

As seen on Chuck Toad.

There are no "good things" that you've done with this incompetent piece of shit. Collect your rubles and fuck off.

Stick your deal up your ass

Fucking worthless piece of orange shit. Go to Mar-a-Fucko and piss off already, asshole.

Today is Dumpster Garage Sale Day

That worthless orange piece of shit, dreading the takeover by the Democratic Party (thank God), is having a garage sale.

Lots of worthless trinkets, including our integrity!

There are also some brownies made by Istanka and a couple of drops of lemonade squeezed out by Jared.

The items for sale are littered all over the table. They're what's left of America, and the buyers are all the despots, oligarchs and killers across the globe. Too bad the MAGATs will never ever understand what we've lost thanks to Pootie and his ilk.

Have you ever met anyone in real life as despicable as Dump? I'd deck the fucker.

I saw a goddamn commercial last night for a Trumpy Bear, a fucking stuffed animal that was basically a teddy bear with Dumpster's ridiculous hairdo sewn on top. Instead of howling with laughter at it (as I would've done), the actors embraced it, adored it and rode it on their motorcycles like it was the coolest thing. Not a drop of irony. Jesus Christ.

I only hope we can reclaim some dignity when the adults come back in January. If it's not too late.
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