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Profile Information

Name: Fuckstick
Gender: Non-binary
Hometown: Neverworld
Home country: Ditto
Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 08:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,115

Journal Archives

They are all MAGATS now

Doesn't matter if they support or loathe Bloatus. If they still continue to identify as Repukes (even moderate ones), they're MAGATs. The whole party has been absorbed by the giant orange blob and they must deal with the consequences.

Dump's "magnificent economic growth" has nothing to do with him.

He's a fucking two-bit conman. The 1% are living high on the hog and speculating. Have you heard of any regular people benefiting from it? I sure as fuck haven't. It's all going to come crashing down.

Tapper arguing with Kellyanne Conjob

About Dump's white supremacy. What's the point?

God, this is awful

Now the bastard is shrieking and crowing about "no collusion!" and his wonderful economy.

What the fuck does he have to do with the economy? Except giving it to his 1% pals?

CNN: allies want Dump to declare victory and move on

Yeah right. That is not what he does. His guilty orange ass is out for revenge.

Plus he has no victory to claim. Piece of shit.

So Fat Ass is furiously obstructing his obstruction charges...

That'll work out great for him... 😆😆😆

[url=https://imgflip.com/i/2zfpx6][img][/img][/url][url=https://imgflip.com/memegenerator]via Imgflip Meme Generator[/url]

How soon until Bloatus starts lashing out at Hillary?

I'm so glad she wrote that op-ed. We do indeed have a two-bit mafioso in our midst.


Deutsche Bank is cooperating!

Giving Dump's records to NY AG! Ha ha ha ha ha....

So Li'l Kim is meeting with Pootie on Thursday

Gee, Donnie the Hideous is doing such a great job of bringing people together, isn't he?

Do I sense a worldwide dictator buildup with that bloated orange piece of shit as one of the players?

Will they make serious decisions about our country and its populace that we have no voice in whatsoever?

Fuck, yeah. We're fucked.

Moronia reading to children at the Easter egg hunt

With the idiotic "be best" signs around her.

My God, this really is Idiocracy! Remember what happened to Fuddruckers signs in that movie?
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