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Member since: Fri Oct 21, 2016, 05:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,078

About Me

im not new - just reincarnated due to things unrelated to DU -you probably dont know me but if you are concerned, im happy to answer questions

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ty for the heart!!! too kind!

Why Biden?

Why is Trump all hung up on Biden? Why not anyone else?

It's as if he's already decided who he is running against....This bothers me....it makes me feel like he already knows who the nominee will be....

the same thing happened when Hillary was running in the primaries- he was all hell-bent on Hillary......

Maybe there's some piece of this I don't understand....

ty for my heart 💜💜💜

Love me some DU!!

Dirty Heads - Vacation

Processed meats are bad but....

So i've been wondering - what if I still want breakfast meat? Ham, Bacon, Sausage - all bad? is there no other options?

but what if I made my own sausage? ground pork, spices...is that still 'processed'? I grew up on a mini-farm and one year we did make our own sausage - it was awesome

can we make our own bacon or ham? and would that be a healthier option?

Candidate finder at isidewith.com

So I've liked several candidates but with my last 3 months of 12 hour days + weekends - ive not had time to research deeply....and a ballot just showed up in the mail - crap - times up - what now? so I discovered this site....


I took the quiz and turns out my closest match is Castro which, im not seeing him leading in the polls so - a very close second was Warren - now I feel good about that one.....

Have any of you used this? was it accurate for you?

at what point do some of these candidates start dropping out?

I'm just wondering how long we're going to have 25 candidates....

I'm very concerned that we have too many candidates....

I'm getting depressed.... I feel like evil is winning...

This can't really be how it all ends up right?
I can't imagine that this many crimes - humanitarian crimes, financial crimes, election crimes, sexual crimes....I mean my God he's committed almost every type of crime there is!

Is this it? How in the hell do we hold our heads high anymore? How do we act like America is a great country anymore?

Jesus Christ this is fucking horrific!!

The corruption runs so deep..... It seems like at least half the Republican party if not more is part of it..... How the fuck do we get out of this situation??

I cannot believe that another country can install their choice as president and there is literally nothing we can do about it but vote him out which they'll make sure that doesn't happen anyway .... can this fucker really do whatever he want and all the rest of them too?

I can't handle this shit......

I guess if he can't obey campaign laws hes not gonna obey traffic laws

Stephanopoulos interview......put on a seatbelt dumbass....

Or don't.... actually....

I need an ethics check please....

My husband's grandfather is in town to visit for the next 3 weeks.....
He's from the Midwest ,former military, 71 years old.... My husband warned me before he got here that he was and all day Fox news watcher and at loud volumes....

Within the first hour or so of meeting him....he says several things like
"I don't care who you are, black white pink or purple..."
"Did you see that homosexual running for president? he kissed his husband right on TV I don't think the voters are going to go for that..... it doesn't bother me though"

So when he asked me "have you heard of Fox TV do you guys get that channel?" I said no we don't get that channel....

Am I horrible???? I feel horrible but I also can't stand the idea of listening to Fox news at loud volumes in my own home for the next 3 weeks 😱

Should I just go with it because he's a guest in my home?

I don't wanna!!!! Lol

What would you do?
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