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Member since: Fri Oct 21, 2016, 05:39 PM
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im not new - just reincarnated due to things unrelated to DU -you probably dont know me but if you are concerned, im happy to answer questions

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interesting thing at the grocery store yesterday

Parkland, Wa (between tacoma and spanaway)
after I went and browsed the half empty store - at check out the cashier said the military came, gave them all papers stating they are authorized to come to work - she said they were told they must keep the papers on them when they leave the house to go to work....

this is all just so nutz....

I think I understand the Bernie bro thing now

Let me start off by saying I was all-in for Bernie in 2016. I caucused for him here in Washington State. And although I was seriously disappointed when he didn't get the nomination there was absolutely no question that I would be voting blue.

Last night I was playing my video game like I do, talking with my friends on discord like I do, because I'm a nerd LOL..
And this guy that I don't know too well, apparently intoxicated, was going on about how Warren stabbed Bernie in the back and she stole all his policies and then wouldn't back them up or some BS like that.... We bantered back and forth....but then he started getting really pissed off and saying things like 'Rome needs to burn and then be built back up' (to which I said 'okay Steve Bannon') and Bernie would have won if Hillary wasn't such a war hawk..... And Biden is blah blah blah..... But he professed himself to be a progressive....But the entire conversation he's bashing the Democrats left and right.... Says absolutely nothing bad about Trump or Republicans.....

So I started pressing him on platform and not the person..... And I asked him if Bernie doesn't get the nomination would he vote for the nominee and he said no!! He said he would vote for Trump or maybe just sit it out!! Of course I nearly shit myself.... So at this point I'm pissed off and I said I support the platform no matter who the nominee is...He says 'I Don't!'

So then I asked him who he voted for in 2016.... He said Trump because Hillary blah blah blah!!! So I told him he's not a progressive at all he's a trump chump and a shit disturber... Then I hung up on his ass lol

So this is the fundamental problem I have with Bernie..... It's not actually him..... But many of the people who support him are actually Trump refugees...... They are just extremists... They just want to see the whole ship sink so to speak.....

This is exactly why I couldn't support Bernie this time.... Because I don't want people like that guy on my side.....
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