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Covid numbers up a lot already at my campus

I was a little worried to see the numbers of people who tested positive and after only one week of classes has jumped from a steady rate of about 3 to 4 people each week or two to 14 already. I also received notice from a student that they had missed class because of covid exposure at their job. I told them to not come to class until you know your test result. I just got my 5th shot the last week the Moderna bivalent but Iím not yet fully immune for another week. I taught my first class wearing N 95 the entire time. I just hope I donít end up getting Covid again in, spite of everything Iím doing . As far as I know so far no one else students or faculty are masking at all anymore.

And those are only the people who have told the college that they had a positive test because who knows how many people are actually testing or informing anyone if they do test positive.

Probate Issues Part 2

I posted a while back on this. I am VERY upset to say the least.. sorry for the caps. After signing all of the needed papers in Late February early March, our probate has still not been filed by the lawyer who we paid a large fee to in December and who charged the filing fee in April I believe on my credit card. I started contacting him every 2 weeks or so starting in March after we signed the papers, to see when I had to drop of the original documents to the probate court and he stopped responding to me, even once I had called him at his office and I could tell he was there but did not come to the phone to talk to me. At that point he had charged the filing fee without doing anything.

Finally after my brother who is the executor called him every day for a week, in May I believe, and he finally answered a call or called back- he told my brother that nothing had been done because I had not dropped of the will. That is a lie! He told me initially that when he filed this he would then tell me to drop off the documents to the courts and in spite of me contacting me him numerous times over a three month period to ask what was going on and when I had to drop off documents he avoided/ignored me.

The instructions are documented in emails. He never told me when to drop off the will etc. and I found out later I could have done that in advance when I called the court, they store it in a vault and make a copy of it for you if you want one.

I called him right after my brother told me what he said and I was very upset but still remained as cordial as possible, reading to him what he had said in the emails. He became rude and said ok, you are right blah, blah... and then eventually said to me that he wanted to talk to my brother not me, the executor, who he is writing the letters testamentary for.

I am also his client and I was the idiot who made the decision to hire him, one of my BIGGEST mistakes ever.

After that I contacted the bar association and a few other probate lawyers to try to decide what to do. Our lawyer had wanted me to drop off the will the next day at his office when I finally spoke to him, after he had contacted my brother he finally answered a call from me. I could not do it because my car was being repaired for a few days. Initially he wanted me to send the original will out of state to him where he was for the winter.. which I refused to do because it could get lost etc. So we had agreed that I would drop it off at the court. Another option was drop it off at his office, but I chose the court. And now after all of this there was no way I would give him the original will because who knows what will happen and if he will ever file this etc. in a timely manner.

The bar association was also hard to get ahold of, no one answers the phone there, it took a week. Then I spoke with someone who I had spoken with before finally. She said we can make two complaints for negligence and for return of fee but the best way is to ask him for money back first. The lawyers all said they would have to do a new case and one said it could take 6-9 months and they wanted more money than we already paid this lawyer.

The thing I am most upset about here is I am on a time frame for a suit to hold the hospital and others accountable for my father's death. I had spoken to another lawyer via the bar association referral who said we have to file a late notice of claim and need the probate to do this. Our lawyer knew all of this, I discussed it all with him in detail, and he said he would help me to do that myself when the probate was done.

He has delayed this for 4-5 months now and I am worried I am going to lose my chance to do that. This is VERY important to me. This hospital also murdered my mother 30 years or so ago. I will not go into the details of what was done to my father but it was the MOST traumatic thing I have ever been through in my life and he was tortured for 10 months after they infected him with covid. At the end they caused a cardiac arrest and then harassed me to kill him nonstop for one month slowly stopping any treatment he was still receiving.

We decided the fastest way to get this done is to continue with this lawyer, so last Monday right after my close friend passed at home, I went to drop off the will. This lawyer has lied and gaslighted me now numerous times. He said he was going away for one week 2 weeks ago, and would immediately file this when he came back. Now I finally called when he ignored my text all week, and left a message at the office. Again someone said he is unavailable. But he did text me back finally and said he was on vacation for 2 weeks and just got back... so which is it? You were on vacation for one or two weeks?

The court told me to tell the lawyer to make a note that this needs to be rushed which I told him and he says he needs to know the deadline for a law suit- for which I don't know the exact deadline, it may be one year which means he has fucked up my suit if this is not done immediately.

I am realizing, something I knew already on some level, that NO ONE CAN EVER BE TRUSTED. The fee structure should be set up so that the entire fee is not paid until the work is done. He has had all of our money for a long time now and has done nothing. The initial papers in February had some serious errors in them which I told him to correct and that took another 2-3 weeks to do, if they had been minor errors we would have signed them. It has been nothing but delays and lies once he had our fee and started ignoring me.

I need to know if I have any recourse here if this stops me from going ahead with a wrongful death and medical negligence law suit.

Lawyer won't respond

We have a lawyer handling a probate of part of my fatherís estate. It is taking forever. I have contacted him numerous times asking when I will have to drop off important documents to the court as well as other questions. After a certain point when we had signed and notarized papers heís not responding back to me and Iím not sure what to do now.

We have already paid him so thereís really no way to hire someone else at this point in time. Iím starting to get worried that something is very odd about this whole situation. He also made some serious errors on the documents which I had to point out to him and request that he correct them and send them back to us.

Text in this website is suddenly tiny in safari

What is going on? When I try to enlarge it with the AA at the top left enlarging it 200% even has no effect and neither does changing it in settings/Safari zoom.

Air Drop Harassed by Student

I was air drop harassed by a student yesterday during a class. It was not direct sexual harassment, but it was nonetheless harassment and a personal attack. Has anyone dealt with this before and what did you do? I pretty much know that I will not be supported by administration if I decide to do something official about it.

I also am now worried my info/data could be exposed. Apple assured me it can't be but I have read two articles that say it can be.

I advise everyone to turn off air drop and allow no one to air drop you randomly due to proximity etc. I was tricked into this because I assumed the student whose name popped up was sending work images. I usually do this via email. I will now turn air drop off on all my devices.

Biden's return-to-normal Covid strategy faces a new test as funding stalls


Russian state television cut off Putin speech before he limps off the stage- Telegraph video

Drone footage shows the horrific aftermath of a Russian attack on a town north of Kyiv

ďDrone footage from a town north of Kyiv shows that Russian forces have attacked civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

The footage, recorded by the news agency Reuters, shows widespread destruction of residential buildings in Borodyanka, 35 miles from the Ukrainian capital. The town has been subjected to repeated shelling from the Russian military.

A resident of the town described a possible war crime, claiming a Russian armored personnel carrier and tank directly attacked civilians.ď


Dad Please Don't Die : WARNING: TRIGGER: Viewers may find the content of this video disturbing


A Ukrainian civilian says Russian troops opened fire on his vehicle, killing his father as they were evacuating from the town of Ivankiv in the Kyiv region. The man captured video of the February 25 attack on his phone and said he and his father, Oleh Bulavenko, had returned to their home to rescue their three dogs. RFE/RL has verified that no Ukrainian troops were in the area at the time of the shooting. The sole surviving dog refused the leave Bulavenko's body after the shooting. (WARNING: Viewers may find the content of this video disturbing)

Trouble breathing with my mask while working and how to wear a mask with head straps

I have started teaching in person. Wearing n95 which are duck bill but which have head bands. They are much better for breathing but since covid and with my asthma I have more trouble even with these in the work setting. . I am using my inhaler before I go into the building but in one class I was very out of breath and bg was crashing too. . Any ideas on how to get through 3 months of this until I will then hopefully go back to online only?

The other issue is the headbands, I donít like them, with glasses on a band, keys on a band it is very hard to do, they mess up your hair etc. So far I am putting one band over my ears under my hair and one at the base of my head. Another issue is glasses fogging up. Fortunately it is dry there mostly and it only happened once so far.
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