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My second Pfizer vaccine today

I had it in the afternoon. So far I am having the same reaction as I had for the first, maybe a bit worse. Sore arm, myalgia, general fatigue and ick. The arm is a bit worse. I will see how tomorrow goes. I had a terrible period leading up to it where bg was very high for hours so that could be affecting my reaction as well. I had to inject, change out my pump cartridge and inset and increase basal rate to 200% when I got back as bg had spiked again after seeming like it would finally drop. I have no fever so far although it went to one point past normal which is high for me.

Overall I am relieved to be fully vaccinated now. 2 more weeks and I will have much better immunity. My brother finally got an appointment for his 1st vaccine but not until May. It was a lot more crowded this time, I had to wait on line at each point including getting into the whole center and then to see a nurse/ doc about being on a blood thinner and having autoimmune conditions. For some reason they seem to think I am going to bleed to death from a vaccine since I am on a blood thinner. I was a lot more internally crabby about the whole thing this time maybe due to not feeling well most likely. I think maybe I could have bypassed the nurse interview this time. I had some palpitations again, but this time before the vaccine due to high bg.
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