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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 04:57 PM
Number of posts: 2,327

Journal Archives

Memo to progressives in the DC area

I'd be much obliged if y'all turned out HUGE for JB's Inauguration for comparative photo images.

Re: White House is putting out zero guests for the Sunday shows

Tapper tweet:


OK, let's flood the airways with the Progressive commentators.This is a gift, take it.

Pound this point home to the electorate

"One month before Election Day, the country struggles to find reliable information about whether the president is even healthy enough to be reelected or fully capable of running the government."

" Intelligencer asked the senior White House official how the country could trust others serving in the White House to be truthful about the status of their own health when carelessness and secrecy have so far been the COVID status quo.
The senior White House official said, “I can’t.”

GOP tried to make HRC's health a huge issue in 2016, Dems are being handed this at the perfect time. Ignore the optics and embrace the REALITY!

Parscale to a mental hospital?

So if he decides to testify that a Trump was complicit in a crime, his testimony is that of a deranged witness? Suspicious?

"Stand back and stand by."

Sounds like Trump has coined a new campaign slogan?

Congressional subpoenas of trump's taxes

have been successfully rebuffed to date. I'd bet a subpoena of the NYT would not be rebuffed or refused for the returns they have?

Herd Immunity

A "government mandate" ?

I mean, we can't opt out?

Memo to Trump

about paper ballots from U.K. "Russia Report'.....

"The mechanics of the UK's paper-based voting system makes direct interference difficult, so Russia has instead sought to influence voters *before* they cast their vote through the likes of state-owned media, bots and trolls, and leaks and hacks."

Trump defending the name of Fort Bragg

named after Braxton Bragg , perhaps the WORST General of the Civil War-seems fitting:

"Bragg is generally considered among the worst generals of the Civil War. Most of the battles in which he engaged ended in defeat. Bragg was extremely unpopular with both the men and the officers of his command, who criticized him for numerous perceived faults, including poor battlefield strategy, a quick temper, and overzealous discipline. Bragg has a generally poor reputation with historians, though some point towards the failures of Bragg's subordinates, especially Leonidas Polk—a close ally of Jefferson Davis and known enemy of Bragg—as more significant factors in the many Confederate defeats at Bragg's command. The losses which Bragg suffered are cited as principal factors in the ultimate defeat of the Confederacy."

GOP petulance at Judicial Committee Hearing

If Nadler won't/ can't have Gohmert and his disruptive buddy Collins removed, can he have their mics turned off?
Would getting all testimony on video rather than in person facilitate restraining the GOP puerile behavior?
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