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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 04:57 PM
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Did Trump create a major vulnerability

by appointing Mulvaney COS ?
He's a Senate confirmed official named as COS (who is not quitting as OMB chief) . So, is he the first POTUS to have a CoS who can be called to testify before Congress. Can his testimony be limited to only budget matters or is it unlimited?

Murder from a cost/ benefit perspective

Following the Tangerine traitor's thinking on the events in Turkey, should we extend the metaphor?

Maybe criminal sentences for murder should be based on costs, like incarceration v. execution? Or maybe we can put a dollar value on the victim's life and adjust the sentences accordingly?

How about the abortion issue? Let's see, what is the dollar cost of an unwanted pregnancy to society figuring in the statistics we know about unwanted kids committing more crimes, requiring more psychological services, welfare help etc. and the subsequent disruption to the mother's lives and career possibilities. Those numbers get huge FAST! Maybe the abortion as murder meme needs to be reconsidered as simply a cost/ benefit analysis?

GOP solutions to gun violence

Combining this recent WI initiative to get guns in the hands of kids
with Newt's plan to arm all teachers and we could turn our schools into a secure place of learning bristling with enough firepower to discourage any crazy serial killer. Still, I do have some concerns over teacher recruitment.


The "Apprentice" tapes"

Source: DU

Reading about the Inauguration accounting I encountered this:

"The official said that Ms. Winston Wolkoff’s firm paid the team used by Mark Burnett, the creator of “The Apprentice,” whose involvement in the inaugural festivities was requested by Mr. Trump."

Suspicious because of Burnett's involvement. Burnett has refused to release backstage tapes of Apprentice filming and outtakes allegedly containing Trump's wildly racist, anti-semitic and homophobic comments. Is this Trump paying for silence?

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