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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 04:57 PM
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Fact check?

Having a hard time verifying the numbers in this OP I read?

"Fact is just bolstering the IRS could by itself pay for it. Consider the tax gap the difference between what the government expects to collect in taxes and what it does collect. The latest IRS estimation is about $500 billion a year in legally owed taxes goes uncollected . Every new IRS auditor hired could bring in over 10X their salary of unpaid , legitimately owed tax revenue."

Can anyone help verify this argument for new IRS hires?

It behooves us to remember that

There are FIFTY GOP Senators just as responsible for the delay of BBB as Manchin.

The GOP is glorying in our focus on JM,while their guilty asses hide in the shadows.
Time to refocus our anger.

Dems never had a real Senate majority

Manchin has always been a DINO.
CAREFUL pushing Manchin to the GOP or we get Mitch back as majority leader.
With Schumer, at least we control what gets voted on. Mitch would block everything.

Impatience with Garland's pace of prosecution

We all share it but I've counseled patience for multiple reasons found here.


The ONE argument I can't easily refute is why hasn't MG appointed a special counsel?
Admittedly I don't know the current rule regarding a SC appointment but I do know it's harder to get one since Clinton got railroaded.

Anyone know the rules about getting a SC.

Helping CRT laws backfire

CRT bans are vague for a reason. Specificity has an unwanted effect of publicizing exactly the topics the RWNJ's want to hide.

I think it's our job to flood social media with innocent sounding questions about banned topics.

"Is the 3/5 compromise in the original constitution an allowable topic?"

How about ?:

Jim Crow laws
Economics of cotton in early U.S. history
Asian exclusion laws
History of civil rights pioneers like MLK, Susan Anthony etc.
Books by non-white authors, gay authors

The list is endless.

But simply posing the questions will publicize the topics. Probably 75% of Americans never heard of the "3/5 compromise" but asking about it's educational allowability will promulgate the topic.
You can't hide truth.

Discord on DU

over the speed of the DOJ prosecution plays right into the hands of the GOP.Time better spent elsewhere.

We should be promoting our mid-term candidates and denigrating their GOP challengers.
There's tons of GOP misdeeds to publicize, get out there folks and help drum up enough outrage to GOTV!!!

July date for Steve Bannon's contempt of Congress trial

Doesn't mean the 1/6 hearings are doomed. House has reams of testimony and video. It can proceed w/o Bannon, Meadows and many others very successfully and later on double back and bring contempt charges. I seriously doubt the House expected all the Trumpnazis to turn on him. DU worriers need to unclutch their pearls.

Rittenhouse Rule

Confronted with an active shooter, DO NOT try to disarm him or he'll claim self-defense after shooting you. Just let him kill until he's out of ammo.
Now known as the Rittenhouse Rule.

Trump's taxes

Approx. 5 years back Trump promised to release his tax returns once they were done being audited. Would it be possible for Biden's people to update us on the status of that "eternal" audit?

Carl Bernstein : We need to start looking at Trump as America's own war criminal.

Can we publicize and enumerate the charges?
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