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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
December 31, 2019

Bernie Sanders is NOT my candidate, but if he is the NOMINEE you will think

I am married to his son or daughter, I will talk him up like he is the 2nd coming!

There would be 1,000,000 reasons to vote for him and NOT for Rump.

December 31, 2019

All I can say is I sure hope the BASHING of the Democratic Party is blown out of

proportion here on DU because of the dynamics of this place and who is here.

Because if mainstream America is buying into the BASHING of the party a certain candidate and supporters are doing,say hello to fascist killer being reelected.

December 30, 2019

Which states are purging voters? Can I guess ONLY states run by cons?

Every state probably has a system in place to purge voting rolls in certain circumstances, but what do you want to bet the only states doing it NOW and in LARGE numbers are red!

December 28, 2019

Is everyone prepared for an election day where power grids go down...?

Let me do it this way:

Does anyone here believe putin and the GOP are NOT working together to see to it the GOP stays in power?

Does anyone here think our government is NOT being forced to "look the other way" while the KGB, called something else now, works day and night to infiltrate our system?

Does anyone here think putin would NOT do ANYTHING to keep his puppet in power?

Does anyone here think rump would NOT do ANYTHING including murder to stay in power?

I have not been wrong yet overestimating the lack of patriotism from righty, are we ready? If it is not power grids, it will be something else, any ideas what else?

Hopefully we are past the "chicken little" comment days...Hopefully NOW people realize these kind of warnings from myself and others have been RIGHT ON all along!


I am glad to see most people here realize my CONCERN about what MIGHT happen given what we have seen so far was ridiculed by only a few, most of them I am not surprised by. Good to know the VAST majority of people are now aware of just how bad shit can get.

December 28, 2019

I was wrong when I called rump or rumpers filth or scum...that is what Nazi Germany

did with the Jewish people, made them sub-human.

That is wrong.

I was wrong.

Thanks to my close liberal friends at another board for pointing this out to me, and they have made some suggestions for what I can now call them....

Whaddya think:

Conservative males scared of being replaced"


If you want to be gender-neutral, "Enraged, irrational, super-freaked out rightwingers"
December 24, 2019

WARNING - COMCAST/XFINITY users for internet or TV...phishing scam VERY REAL looking

Woke up this morning to an EMAIL from Xfinity (I thought) saying my router had been reset and I had to go in and change my network name and password.

This made no sense to me, but I almost did it by accident when I opened it on my phone as my pre-fill almost filled it in.

I called xfinity, told them the senders email and they said it wasnt theirs, but it was from something like alerts.comcast.com or a little longer, the whole think looked EXACTLY like Comcast.

As far as I know you would NEVER be told by Comcast or Xfinity that you have to CHANGE your network name or password. Had I done it of course they would now have my access info and with that I assume they would only want my credit card info...

Although that is the part I am confused about, what in my account could they use other than that?

I put this in GD because this is a real nasty one, looked perfect. I want everyone to know about it.

December 20, 2019

Modern GOP, teaparty morons.

Loudermilk, Collins, Jordan, Nunes, etal.

If they have any education it is religious.

Not lawyers, EXTREME religious views.

Not very smart and when they got to DC they were way out of place, did not know anything, still dont.

Makes me sick.

Are any of them lawyers? dont think so...not that you have to be but the job IS about LAW...

December 20, 2019

GOP had to cheat in several races to control the Senate.

If the Senate was based on popular vote and GOP were prevented from cheating like in GA and elsewhere, not only would the GOP never control the Senate EVER again, the numbers would be permanently 65-35 give or take.

The madness that mcconnell has anything to say about anything...this is not a democracy.

December 13, 2019

When these filthy fucking lying pieces of SHIT lie about Obama and protect

the filthy fucking lying pieces of SHIT in the WH it makes my fucking blood boil and we are LONG past talk.

Talk cant fix this, they do NOT respect the law, NONE of them do.

You are filthy SCUM, every fucking last ONE OF YOU.

December 12, 2019

So a player is removed from SURVIVOR for sexual harassment and yet the owner of the SHOW

Survivor is the one who has tapes of the filthy traitor in the WH calling his own son disgusting names, using the N word over and over but wont release them. Tapes of a man credibly accused by DOZENS of women of sexual assault and RAPE!

FUCK you Survivor.

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