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Gender: Male
Hometown: Denver Colo.
Home country: United States
Current location: Louisville Ky
Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 06:00 PM
Number of posts: 1,435

Journal Archives

After these last 4 years

After these last 4 years I will never be able to look at my fellow Americans the same. Even now when I ride the bus or see people at the store I think 4 of the next 10 people I see are either racist or just plain crazy. Probably both but at least one of the two. I'm extremely sorry to say that my Sister falls into the racist category and I have very strong suspicions that my Brother is a Qanon believer as well as racist. I also STRONGLY suspect he's a member of a militia there in Arizona. We don't communicate much but from our last conversation ,in person anyway as our e-mails are few and far between, the things he alluded to while not quite saying really gave me pause. They both are well aware of my political leaning and so we keep well away from those topics the few times we meet or converse.

Anyway..... I don't know why I am writing this except maybe to express my almost total disillusionment with both my blood family and my national family, for want to a better way to put it. The only thing that keeps me going sometimes is this site and the polls tbh.

There is something deeply wrong with our country if so many of us can be so hateful and so gullible.

Yep, another racist Karen, THROWING her dog at man smh

"In a truly bizarre video that was first posted on Instagram, a white woman goes on a racist rant toward a Black man before throwing a puppy at him."


Yeah, the Daily News but still. Sorry I don't know how to embed videos. That should be animal abuse and battery imo.

Warning this is a disturbing video.

7 to 3

Make that 8 to 3. That's the count on Moscow mitchs to Amy McGraths ads I've seen here in Louisville in the last few hours. EIGHT to THREE. I've read that Ms. McGrath has stopped fund raising because she has "enough" money. If that is the case..... I can only hope she's spending it in other parts of the state because she's getting slaughtered ad-wise here. This race is getable but damn, I'd sure like to know what's going on inside her campaign as far as strategy is concerned.

Sorry if I sound frustrated but DAMN!

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