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Gender: Female
Hometown: Glen Ellen, CA
Member since: Thu Dec 8, 2016, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 394

Journal Archives

I miss not being outraged on a daily basis

Remember when we didn't get up every morning in fear of what fresh horror this freak show of an "administration" would inflict on us?
When our kids didn't go to school every day worried about getting shot? When guns were not a fear for so many of us?
When the best news of the day wasn't the latest subpoenas/ indictments/criminal investigation aimed at our highest levels of government?
I look for rays of hope every day, and it's there. Election victories, Mueller seemingly moving ahead, and most of all, this new generation of soon to be voters. I am so grateful for them, their energy, fearlessness, and goodness are so inspiring.

Weasel in California

So here is Beauregard going on about the rule of law??? Our governor was having none of it, this makes me ever more proud to be a lifelong California

A man of peace has passed

Landrum Bolling, my neighbor's ex father-in-law. He stayed in our guest house years ago, a most gracious and kind man.
[link:http:// https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/landrum-bolling-college-president-peace-activist-and-presidential-go-between-dies-at-104/2018/01/30/2f0a1060-053a-11e8-8777-2a059f168dd2_story.html?utm_term=.c6c0e5a85440|

Thanks to DU

For being my place of sanity when I am ready to explode with anger and frustration with the daily onslaught of crimes against our country. I can always find some morsel of hope, and good stuff, along with fresh reasons for outrage.
Great community here, wish I could give you all hearts!

California disaster funds

The fires here last month were the largest and most destructive in U.S. history. We live in the middle of Sonoma county, and the devastation is still hard to believe, in all directions.
But because we are deep proud blue, our state gets 0 in federal aid. 10,000 people lost homes, 8,000 buildings destroyed, and nothing from the feds to help recovery.
Our state contributes a lot more to federal coffers than any other, yet we are being punished for our votes.
Yep, every day another horror from the tangerine nightmare and his cabal. Wish there was an end in sight.

Back in the real world

We were traveling in Italy a few weeks ago when we got word our whole county was on fire. The devastation and heartbreak is beyond words, but our community is so strong, recovery will be slow and difficult, but we will recover.
During this time, I had to shut down any news form outside our county. Now that I am catching up on what is going is happening with the nightmare in Washington, I cannot believe the depths that the republican party continues to find. So many time for the last year I have thought that words or actions from the tangerine nightmare would finally be enough for the party to get rid of him, but no. They continue to accept or even endorse the ever more vile and disgusting performances he continues to give.
How low can he go? There seems to be no bottom.

What is your spark of hope?

Wondering how other people here are dealing with the escalating horrors and outrage. When I find myself literally screaming at reports of the latest evil, I really need to find a shred of optimism that this might be righted at some point. I do believe some or all of the investigations and inquiries will lead to justice, but it sure is moving slowly. I held on to hope that there were republicans in Congress who love this country more than the perverse party agenda, but haven't seen evidence of that yet.
So what do you see as our best hope? Thanks

Town hall with Mike Thompson

We are lucky enough to live in Sonoma County, and Mike Thompson is our Congressman. We attended a town hall last night, and he made some great points I'd like to share.
First, the most important tool any member of congress has is constituents, they need to hear from the people who elected them.
Second, he is hopeful republicans will sometimes work with the democrats, though he hasn't seen that yet.
Third, almost all members of Congress are extremely worried about the actions they have seen from the president, and it is getting worse by the day.
Mike did not do town halls for several years because no one showed up. He is now seeing really big crowds, and engaged people. He is very pleased to be a Democrat, and to be met with applause and support.
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