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Gender: Female
Hometown: Glen Ellen, CA
Member since: Thu Dec 8, 2016, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 394

Journal Archives

I miss not being outraged on a daily basis

Remember when we didn't get up every morning in fear of what fresh horror this freak show of an "administration" would inflict on us?
When our kids didn't go to school every day worried about getting shot? When guns were not a fear for so many of us?
When the best news of the day wasn't the latest subpoenas/ indictments/criminal investigation aimed at our highest levels of government?
I look for rays of hope every day, and it's there. Election victories, Mueller seemingly moving ahead, and most of all, this new generation of soon to be voters. I am so grateful for them, their energy, fearlessness, and goodness are so inspiring.

Weasel in California

So here is Beauregard going on about the rule of law??? Our governor was having none of it, this makes me ever more proud to be a lifelong California
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