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Gender: Female
Hometown: Glen Ellen, CA
Member since: Thu Dec 8, 2016, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 394

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I miss not having to check news sources every few hours

This constant barrage of news, speculation, what-ifs and maybes is just exhausting. Even during the worst of the criminality of George the Lesser, I did not feel compelled to check multiple news sources at least a dozen times a day. The calm of the Obama years, even with the obstruction and dirty tricks of the repugs we were reassured that the man at the top, and those around him, had our backs and the interests of the majority of our citizens.
Here we are in the midst of the concerted efforts of seemingly every single person with and R after their name to reshape our beloved democracy into the wet dream of a wannabe dictator with delusions of epic grandeur.
I trust that our elected Democrats are doing everything possible to get our country back, and to get right with the world.

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